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January 14, 2006

ElectriPlast Technology Spin-Offs (Real or Speculative)

ElectriPlast, the Next Generation of Conductive Polymer Technology...

In listening to the 8 July 2004 Digital Hour interview with Thomas Aisenbery--it is easy to see why some are extremely interested in this ElectriPlast material.

We are talking about a plastic material with the ability to not only absorb radio signals, but more importantly, the ability to also conduct electricity.

What are some of the things you could possibly do with such a material?

Such an enhanced material might be enough for manufacturers to begin considering polyanaline-based wires for products that include: electronic display screens that can be rolled up after use; clothing with polyanaline woven into it that changes color when exposed to a harmful chemical; and implantable medical devices that release a drug when someone's body temperature changes.

We are talking a material which can absorb electricity, light and heat. A material which has a unique affect on electro-magnetic substances (this substance can replace the conventional braking system in a car, making a device which causes no friction, and as a result would have no wear and tear affecting its performance).

Imagine the TV show, Earth2, where the actors pulled out a plastic sheet, and on it was an automatically updating map, highlighting their location and nearby surroundings, as well as the location of their base camp. Fact/Fiction are almost one in the same. An award winning Assistant Professor at the University of Texas is working along these lines with major government grants supporting her efforts.

I found a couple of things which may pique your interest as it had mine...

  • http://www.physorg.com/news4049.html Speaks of an assistant professor at the Univ of Texas who is working a project based upon ElectriPlast's principles, and who has recently won a prestigious award--and funding to continue her research. Maybe she is taking a different approach, but from what I read, it sounds pretty much like the tech-talk emerging from Tom over the past few years.
  • http://www.utexas.edu/inside_ut/take5/loo/ Speaks of Dr. Yueh-Lin Loo, the assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Univ of Texas--referenced to earlier. Dr. Loo, in this unique video clip, impressively tells viewers about both the capabilities and the prospects of her work, but more importantly of ElectriPlast's potential.
  • http://www.expresstextile.com/20050531/hiperformance01.shtml Speaks of prospective clothing developed around the intergration of necessity and current/emerging technology innovations and computer/data/light affiliated resources. Worth the read if only to see what (supposed) patent results Tom has in play, could become--if they ever see the light of day, and get into the marketplace.
  • http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/tech/200506/kt2005060620134212350.htm Speaks to a different prospect. This company has developed a way of making/merging conductive materials with ceramic substrates of a sort. The end result is a market that broaches on issues that are up--Integral and Tom's ElectriPlast material--line of possibility. At the very least, if Tom has not already drafted a patent on any of the aspects highlighted by this company, maybe he should put it on his to-do-list for consideration...

Similar but Different Paths -- ElectriPlast fits the niche Dr. Lynn Loo is presently exploring--but ElectriPlast is here and now, whereas Dr. Loo's research material is still in the developmental lab compound stage.


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