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May 06, 2006

ElectriPlast and LED!

ElectriPlast and LED!

By Vince S.

Light Emitting Who?

Let’s play a quick game of word association!

You have ten seconds to see how many items can you name that uses the word LED. Four, three, two, one. Stop! I thought so! Like most people, you probably named your alarm clock, car radio, calculator, the battery indicator on your video camera, then you sputtered to a stop. Lame, huh? Incidentally, LED Zeppelin is clever, but it doesn’t count.

The bottom line is, most of us are hard pressed to reel off a list of products that use Light Emitting Diode technology, but LEDs, have been infiltrating high tech societies since the 60s. In this era of Bluetooth cell phones, WiFi, and MP3s, these little semiconductors have powered their way to the front ranks of technology and their applications have grown by leaps and bounds. Let’s explore some of those applications.

Goodbye, Light Bulbs!

In the near future, Thomas Alva Edison’s masterstroke, the electric light bulb, will owe its demise to LED lighting. Why? Because white LEDs produce superior light and are more energy efficient. According to the Department of Energy, LED lighting could cut US lighting energy consumption by 29% by 2025. Joe and Jane Homeowner will be able to stick it to the cash flush fat cat utility companies, while saving about $125 billion on electric bills.

LEDs also last longer than standard light bulbs. How much longer, you ask? Try 50,000 hours or about 50 times longer than a 60-watt bulb! Imagine turning on your white LED light in 2006 and letting it burn brightly until 2012! That’s a fact, Sherlock! White LEDs last almost six years, when they are constantly on. Is that cool or what? Well, the hospitality industry thinks it is. Hotels worldwide spend a small fortune on light bulbs (and the energy to power them) every year. The Marriott’s, Hilton’s (not, you Paris), and Sheraton’s of the world can already see the savings going straight to their bottom lines. Ca-Chinnng!

LED, ElectriPlast or PlastiLED?

Integral Technologies recently signed a licensing agreement with Heatron, Inc. of Leavenworth, Kansas, to explore ElectriPlast applications as heating elements and thermal management components. According to CEO Mike Keenan, Heatron's LED products division “is experiencing phenomenal growth."

Looking at your history, we aren’t surprised, Mike.

Heatron was designated as a Certified Solutions Partner by Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, the world's leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs and a pioneer in solutions for automotive lighting, computer displays, LCD televisions, signage and signaling and general lighting.

The Automotive Sector: Innovate or Perish!

The automobile industry has been quick to exploit LED technology. From the $14,000 Chevy Cobalt to the $453,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, virtually all vehicles have one thing in common: Light Emitting Diodes. Depending on your wallet, the outside of your ride could have: turn signal lamps, tail lamps, head lights, center high-mount stop lamps, brake lights, rear combination lamps, backup lamps, and fog lights. In the interior, there could be: map lights, reading lights, dome lights, door lights, instrument panel lights, and ambiance lighting. Because of their small footprint, LEDs give automobile designers tremendous flexibility to initiate changes that will reduce the weight a gallon of gas must move. Less weight, more mileage. A simple formula. ElectriPlast and LED technologies enable that objective. Speaking of LEDs, what happens to the incandescent bulbs in all those legacy lighting systems? They burn out 100 times faster than an LED. In some cases, LEDs will out live the host vehicle. Maybe even the host!

Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs.

Remember the Burma Shave signs that peppered the roadways in bygone days? Amusing, but uninformative, these signs disappeared only to be replaced by obnoxious view-blocking billboards. Now those one dimensional dinosaurs are giving way to LED enabled billboards with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. Signage giants Clear Channel Outdoor and CBS Outdoor are putting huge LED billboards on skyscrapers in Times Square and other popular venues to advertise soft drinks, movies, fast food, phone books, etc. Also, scrolling LED signs have been placed on taxis, bus marquees and side panels, telephone kiosks, delivery vans and even gasoline nozzles. In the Cleveland area, commuters tool past LED billboards capable of changing displays every eight seconds. Some even change depending on the time of day. (For instance, on a Saturday afternoon, a popular laundry detergent might flash on the screen just as Mom is collecting the kids from soccer practice!)

Across the Atlantic in London, red double-deck buses advertise LED displays for Virgin Atlantic, Harrods, Sainsbury’s, Argus Car Hire and Selfridges. Even the Underground has gotten into the act. At the Hampstead Station, commuters riding the escalator up from trackside (192 feet below street level) can read super screens advertising posh restaurants, chi-chi bars, hot boutiques and the latest LED Zeppelin concert. (Just checking to see if you’re still with me.) These scenarios are also taking place in Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, New York, and other population centers around the globe. And don’t forget Atlantic City, Las Vegas and similar playgrounds around the world!

As the world moves unavoidably toward all forms of Light Emitting Diodes, Heatron, Inc. and Integral Technologies’ are positioning ElectriPlast for a long-standing international presence and a global footprint. Indeed, ElectriPlast will be as disruptive to the lighting industry as the automobile was to the horse and buggy industry.

Maybe those Burma Shave signs had it right after all:
When Copper Won’t Do
Nor Aluminum
Give Us a Call
Don’t be Dumb


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