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January 22, 2006

ElectriPlast & The Rising Costs of Oil –



ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

What does this have to do with the prospective future of Integral Technologies?

The short of this OpEd piece is that, since Integral became a Plastic company vice an Antenna company, the company’s management placed their (and the company’s shareholders) fortunes, and future on the issue of oil, and on how fate intends to impact that medium.

This is not to panic those reading –

Far from it. More, it is to explain that a primary component of ElectriPlast is plastic. Some of the plastic used by Integral is derived from petroleum extracts. Actually, that is not a fair statement since the formula used by this company in the mixing of their ElectriPlast product is patented and is a closely held secret. Suffice it to balance my statement by noting that there are two types of plastic on the table. One is a bio-degradable plastic, which can be made from the starch material produced by vegetable matter such as corn, or a mix of vegetable/petroleum. The other is a more permanent, non- or less degradable plastic made strictly from petroleum—oil.

With the rising cost of Oil, comes the rising cost of certain Plastics. The impact to Integral and their myriad of ElectriPlast products being that the initial forecasted product price can, and *possibly will also rise as a result.

All right, that there is the bad news.

The good news centers on this one and essential fact: Non- or less degradable plastics, can and are continuously being recycled. That is the good part about being in an eco-friendly world. Many, many tons of plastic and various metals are recycled daily. This raw material is either separated, melted and used locally; or it is pushed directly onto manufacturing the sites.

*But take a moment to consider this—

And this is not to promote trade with China, but to explain a process in effect today—China ships tons of low-cost consumer merchandise throughout the world. Numerous ships loaded with innumerous shipping containers are ferrying this material on the high seas, and to ports in coastal cities as you read this.

Question --

What happens after these ships have unloaded their merchandise, the products have been warehoused & pushed further down the supply-chain?

Answer --

These ships are loaded with those innumerous shipping containers and sent back to their points of origin, but they do not go back empty. They are loaded with recycled raw materials—trash to you and me, and sent on their merry way.

Local city, state, country governments have found this a cheap way of reducing costs in waste disposal, so you and I end up paying less in taxes. The waste material is—through the use of cheap labor—recycled and reincarnated into the useful, low-cost consumer merchandise the world has come to take for granted.

The fact that Integral has recently arranged to have a Chinese manufacture involved in the creation of their pending ElectriPlast supply-chain is telling, and at the end of the day, may not be as impacted by the rising costs of Oil as you might have at first believed…


Blogger concordway said...

How reliable is your comment concerning ITKG establishing manufacturing vendors in China?

March 11, 2006 9:17 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

Concordway ~ There you have me at a loss. Not because I was making up my comments, but because I have no proof to support my statements other than conversations exchanged with Integral's IR.

According to IR, the Integral's management team traveled to China last year with the sole purpose of establishing Manufacturing Vendors in China.

Also, according to IR, their travels, on this front, were successful.

To what extent? That information has not yet been released to the general public--at least not so far as to be specific as to who they actually do have acting as Manufacturing Vendors...

If you'll note in my prior blog post: Latest ElectriPlast News... Dated: 3 January 2006

Mr. Robinson commented that one of the key achieved was:

"-- To establish internal and external ElectriPlast(TM) manufacturing capabilities in anticipation of strong demand for our product."

With that statement made public, I took the logical leap which assumed that the comments made earlier by Integral's IR team were, in fact, correct, and that they alluded success in China meant the establishment of those aforementioned Manufacturing Vendors in China.

Once again, you have me at a loss because there is nothing so specific which states that is the case, but my commentary was also not misleading, and the logic and facts available create a valid assumption for my statements...

To be on the safe side, I would prefer you to contact IR directly and suss out the answer straight from the information source.

Cheers and best regards,

PK sends...

April 09, 2006 10:53 AM  

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