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May 22, 2006

ElectriPlast -- Features another New Patent

More Patents

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This segment initially started as a highlight for a new Patent issued on 11 April 2006. Upon further review, I held this story back as I realized there have been a number of new Patents issued of late--almost 1 per month...

As my initial post was to start, this Patent almost slipped by with the onslaught of events surrounding Integral Technologies and their moves to promote and market their Intellectual Property, ElectriPlast.

Now that tune is changing slightly with the advent of almost 3 new patents issued over the recent months.

The latest patent was granted on 11 April 2006. The title given for it follows:

"Low cost thermal management device or heat sink manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials."

What does this mean in normal speak?

Well whether we are talking 'filler-based,' or 'conductive loaded' the best analogy I can imagine (just so I can keep sane while reading the patent at length) is that of a common car radiator & exhaust system. Granted, the sole purpose of the exhaust is not to draw away heat, but that by in large is what it does. In terms of what Tom has proposed, his "heat sink" and his heat pipe does a similar job.

Fans and other cooling systems are associated to whatever large and small high-tech infrastructure these heat sinks and heat pipes are applied to--but the life endurance and overall performance of the high-tech processor or machinery is multiplied many-fold when conventional cooling systems are augmented by the added heat release of the heat pipe and heat sink welds.

Like a car--without an exhaust or radiator--the systems fans (no matter how large or good) can only do so much. Without the exhaust the engine's performance would degrade, and eventually sieze due to the internal heat generated, and the melting of material. The same happens in leading edge high-tech processors and systems.

As noted earlier, there have been a number of events taking place – This would normally have been highlighted as worthy of a Press Release, but my thinking is that the company management—for reasons of their own—did not want to cloud the importance of this patent, nor to confuse the purposes behind the recently held proxy vote.

As for the importance of this and the other emerging patents, rest assured, activity is taking place in the background -- as a result, we will hear more on that as time unfolds…

Now – for those of you who love digging into the nitty-gritty of patent issues here is a link to this and other latest ElectriPlast patents. – Enjoy.


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