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June 21, 2011

ElectriPlast: In the News with Something New...





By QualityStocks
June 21, 2011 1:42 PM EDT

Integral Technologies, Inc. (ITKG) Launches Revolutionary New Electrically Conductive Hybrid Plastic Based on the Company’s ElectriPlast Technology

Integral Technologies, the leading developer of hybridized plastics which are electrically conductive and used for a vast array of electronic devices or other industrial/consumer products, reported today the immediate availability of a new version of the Company’s flagship ElectriPlast™ technology, called ElectriPlast-CF66.

This newly engineered composite material has been developed to specifically meet the exacting requirements of electromagnetic shielding, thermal and mechanical demands in applications like aerospace, automotive and marine. Designed to be a cost-effective electromagnetic shielding solution for engine compartments and other harsh environments, EP-CF66 is composed primarily of polyamide 66 and nickel-plated carbon fiber, resulting in a remarkably superior material that is half the weight of extant/competing conductive plastics industry-wide.

CEO of ITKG, Bill Robinson, clearly knows he has a winning product on his hands and explained that the revolutionary EP-CF66 is really the result of extensive R&D, collaboration and tons of hours spent working closely with the Company’s OEM clients. Robinson pointed to the improved durability and material strength achieved in EP-CF66 without compromising the conductivity, explaining that it is a salient technology which instantly sets itself apart from and ahead of other electrically conductive hybrid plastics.

The Company’s intention was to carve out a sizeable chunk of the market of Tier One suppliers, in conjunction with whom EP-CF66 was developed, so as to broaden the Company’s already sizeable footprint in the sector. Looking at the physical and performance characteristics of EP-CF66, it is not hard to feel like that intention has been successfully fulfilled and with resounding triumph. Whether we are talking high mechanical strength or overall integrity with regard to resisting corrosion from fluids, EP-CF66 is a robust composite that also can endure high frequency vibrations without breaking down.

Parts molded with EP-CF66 have even beaten aluminum for conductivity in certain frequencies and at less than half the weight, truly a remarkable product which has broadened ITKG’s portfolio of technologies substantially and dovetails nicely with the other offerings in the Company’s ever-expanding line of ElectriPlast composites.

CTO of ITKG, Mo Zeidan, also pointed to the vast customer testing that went into the development of EP-CF66 and how the positive feedback received on the material’s mechanical properties, light weight and conductivity is a solid testimony of quality.

EP-CF66 serves a huge market which is looking for ways to make products cheaper, lighter and more robust while meeting stricter regulations on fuel standards, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. EP-CF66 has already been named among the “Best of What’s New” in technology products from esteemed publications like Popular Science and was labeled as a “Best Innovation” by the Innovations International CES.

The Company’s huge patent and IP library has also been underscored by MDB Capital as “One of the 50 Best & Brightest Companies”, leading to a huge amount of buzz surrounding the Company as this new offering hits the market.

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, Shareholder Relations
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Doug Bathauer, Director of Corporate Comunications
Permalink: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/166999/20110621/integral-technologies-inc-itkg-launches-revolutionary-new-electrically-conductive-hybrid-plastic-bas.htm


Blogger lucintel said...

Hi dear
Nice information you have posted. I also want to add some more about Composite Materials.
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June 22, 2011 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not so sure that this is good news.

First, it is a vast change in technology. The original formualtions were metallic (stainless steel) fibrils dispersed in a variety of plastics. Now we have moved to "nickel coated carbon fibers". Apparently, the original concept did not work, as is also evidenced by the absence of any sales.

Second, they have moved to a very expensive, high tech product. SS fibrils are costly but nickel plated carbon fibers are extremely expensive. This is the stuff of Formula 1 racing and fighter jets. Thus, we are now focussed on very high end, niche markets. Fascinating - yes. But profitable on a scale needed to float this company - very doubtful. Especially given ITKG's dismal track record.

June 22, 2011 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reviewing their website 5 of the 9 data sheets contain nickel plated carbon. http://electriplast.com/data.html
So they have not shifted their focus at all. I am encourage to see them to continue to expand product offerings.

June 26, 2011 10:49 AM  

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