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October 03, 2014

ElectriPlast: 3rd Quarter, 2014 - Conference Call Review...

A New Website, Positive Cash-Flow,

New Partnerships ... It Looks like this

might actually be a

Ready-for-Prime-Time Company.

By: ProfitKing,
October 4, 2014

Just a quick note before I begin: For most of the past four months, I have been either on the road, or on assignment in Europe. More often than not, the only devices I had at my disposal were my iPhone and an old 1st generation iPad. These are great for working FaceBook, and e-mail, but anything more (well...pulling teeth might be a better experience). To be honest, while I was in Italy, it took me hours to peck out, check, review, and post a message on the EP Blog site. Well, I am back home now; back at my trusty computer, and raring to be dangerous. I am still in constant contact with Vince and a band of like-minded folks who each either has a vested interest, insight, or a unique knowledge of issues surrounding Integral Technologies, ElectriPlast, or some of the behind the scenes issues not present in the press releases. I have never been known to betray trust of these folks, and won’t begin anytime soon. Events will unfold at the company’s time-table, and we will continue to work at keeping rumors, speculation and stock manipulation at a minimum here. That’s my spiel for the moment, now onto my version of a quick conference call run-down. PK sends…

Take-a-ways from Integral’s best ever Conference Call…

I can only say positive things about the team and its focus from this point forward. Unlike past management gimmicks, this team, headed by Doug Bathauer is – as he stated – grounded in reality, in both their focus, and delivery.

First up at bat was Doug who spoke to both the shareholders and the institutional investors weighing into this OTC stock, and looking for a solid foot hold. Doug took the long approach, telling the story of his business plan and the long approach that he envisioned in attacking this 30 billion (that’s billion with a capital “B”) dollar market. He spoke of being an investor himself during the dark-days of the Bill’s, and, being aware of the potential at hand, of how he decided to step up to the plate and get involved from the bottom up. In other words, he’s been in your and my shoes, and knew there was a better way. Eventually, about 2 years ago, he took on the leadership role of Integral Technologies. Among many of his first acts was to begin communicating his vision and long range intentions. With that, he began surrounding himself with a core group of ‘reality-based’ advisors. Unlike his predecessors, Doug did as he set out to do. He took on the financial mess, and responsibly began to address the ever-present debt he inherited. In that regard, after speaking his part he introduced his financial officer, CFO Bart Snell.

To be honest, while the financial guy spoke, I did glom onto the gist of what was said, while other parts of the conversation went right through me. While it did sound positive, I honestly did drift at moments. The take-a-way here was that the company’s financials are in far better shape than they were 2 years ago, far, far better than they were even last year. Innovative techniques were used to reduce old debt, and similar techniques were employed to eliminate financial waste. The money-pit that was the Philadelphia office is gone. In its place, Integral invested in a Detroit research and development technical center and money generator. The point of interest issue on ‘incoming cash-flow’ as a result of various negotiated interests looking to take advantage of an early placement in the ElectriPlast material placement in the market place was also discussed.

Going in-depth here would be a waste of time because if you had not been part of the live conference call, you most likely will be tuning in yourself in order to listen to the recording…


Finally there was a Q&A session, both after the financial presentation, and again after Doug’s future activities, events and expectations commentary.

Doug, in the role of CEO, was forthright in his delivery, and forthcoming in his expectations. He didn’t pull punches and never offered false hope. Instead, he hinted at the background of work done over the past two years, at the true need of the R&D facility, and the reasons why, even at this early stage, it is a cash-cow and a money generator for the company. He reminded all that the company is presently now making money and this inflow is coming from well known companies who have seen, tested, and realize the value of the EP product, and its potential in –not one– but numerous markets. He reminded that this would not happen overnight, and stated, that in the next few months a small portion of the background work would come to light, and all present would be well impressed. Finally he cracked-wise on a statement he had made in the past, wherein he equated the future prospects of EP as being equivalent to a 'Tsunami', hence the featured graphic.

Stock prices – on this, while Doug mentioned something to the effect that there are no plans to sell the company before shares reach $50 dollars or more, and to be fair, looking at a 30 Billion dollar market, that might one day be a reality--still, I sense he and his team would hold out for the more. For the moment though, the company is transitioning from development to the next phase, and with that, he is looking at furthering those foundations already established, and looking to resolve and address manufacturing capacity issues to better meet expected product demand. Jasper’s JARCO, Hanwha L&C, BASF, Delphi and now East Penn each are playing lead roles in this transition... That said, I sensed that Doug was saying something to the effect of: ‘Let’s look at one day reaching the 3 to 5 dollar mark as a solid and reachable milestone, and move forward from there.’

As stated earlier this was a very positive and optimistic conference call. While I realize there are a number of old investors who still check out this blog, and probably know where to link into a recording of this latest conference call – for any new shareholder, or even interested lookers wanting to hear the words for themselves, please, again click on the link below and follow the instructions offered thereafter.


For what it is worth, I am giving this conference call a rare ‘thumbs-up’ score on the experience-worthwhile meter, and for the many meetings/briefings I have attended, that is exceptional.

Cheers and best regards to all.

PK, aka Alonzo sends…


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Apparently making a mark in the world. The following post on youtube -- from 29 Sep 2014 -- was recently forwarded.

Now there is Asian interest & coverage on the ITKG stock:


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