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November 21, 2006

ElectriPlast: Profile of a Cinderella Story


of the Best

By Stephen
[With ElectriPlast Editor Vince S.]

Special to the

ElectriPlast Blog

[Blognote: Recently, Integral Technologies was honored with its third award in less than ten years. What is the significance of this prestigious highly-sought honor? Will this recognition have a positive impact on the future of this promising nanocap?]

A “killer application” positions itself to change the electronics industry

In a recent dramatic announcement, it was revealed that Integral Technologies was selected as a recipient of a Consumer Electronics Show Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Award in the Enabling Technologies category. The 42-judge panel, all distinguished engineers, technologists and trade journalists, awarded Integral and its disruptive technology, ElectriPlast, one of the highest scores in that category.

The Enabling Technologies category was established for raw materials technologies or components that have the ability to make existing technologies better. For example, fellow category finalists include Fujitsu, Intel, Microsoft, and Texas Instruments, all of whom make enabling technologies. The award for this category is quite rare. In fact, this is the first such Enabling Technologies award in the last five years. And according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), sponsor of the CES awards, it is reserved for “the best of the best," the technology enablers. When Thomas Aisenbrey, the inventor of ElectriPlast and Integral’s Chief Technology Officer, heard the great news, he said “ElectriPlast has the ability to be a killer application for the electronics industry.”

Alphabet soup; understanding the standards.

To appreciate the significance of Integral’s award, one has to understand the international standards pecking order and what the standards process means to manufacturing.

The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national bodies who set industrial and commercial standards for global manufacturers. Known by the initials, ISO, the organizational name derives from the Greek word Isos, which means equal, a reference to the standards authority equally granted to all 130 member countries. Their ranks include manufacturers, retailers, content providers and creators, broadband developers, wireless carriers, cable and satellite TV providers, installers, engineers, corporate buyers, government leaders, financial analysts and the media.

The US delegate to ISO, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), streamlined standards processes by accrediting CEA to act autonomously in the consumer electronics sector. As such, CEA sets standards and is empowered to judge electronic inventions or new product development. As an accredited ANSI body, CEA answers directly to ISO, a very difficult accreditation to obtain.

The Best of the Best!

CEA members accounted for over $100 billion in sales during 2005. That the CEA, which ranks some of the biggest, best and brightest, gave their Enabling Technologies Award to Integral Technologies says volumes about the standards process, the CEA and the potential of ElectriPlast. This endorsement from the most preeminent consumer electronics trade association in the world is huge for Integral Technologies.

The CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Award in the Enabling Technologies category is truly awesome. In the consumer electronics industry, it is like the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and the Golden Globe all rolled into one.

What remains to be seen is the extent to which the CEA membership, who manufacture the majority of the consumer electronics gadgets produced globally, will utilize our IP as a new material with the potential to take their products to new heights. With the latest mega consolidation in the copper industry, the price of copper is on an upward trajectory. Since ElectriPlast can conduct electricity better than copper, but is 80% lighter, it will be interesting to see how quickly industry users make the change.

Cinderella is on her way to the big dance, and she's going to have more than one “Prince Charming” queuing to take her for a waltz around the dance floor. And in terms of dance tickets, this Cinderella will have hundreds of new suitors next year.

Then, my friends, it's straight to the alter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi PK,
I'm seriously considering ITKG as an investment but I'm a little gunshy from some other Tobin Smith picks that have been disasters for me. So, I'm doing more DD than I normally do.
Incidently, I'm in Bellingham as we speak...buried under 10 inches of snow.
Everything about ITKG seems great...the potential is awesome...but there's seems to be one BIG problem. No independent engineer has created a product that we can see. Out of 40 experts that seems a bit strange. Somewhere I read that there was a problem of consistency within the formula. Do you know if this was a problem and has been solved, or still is a problem?
Incidently, regarding the Award...I'm cautiously impressed. I have been an international and national judge in the Direct MArketing field so I'm familiar with this form of high level award. The problem is the judges do not get to verify anything. You're given company-generated facts and have to hope they're real. To a large extent you're operating under a honor system.
But whether the Awards are for real or not only time will tell. The key point is an answewr to my question above.

November 27, 2006 6:45 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Anonymous ~

As for your suspicion regarding Mr Tobin Smith and his prior picks, I honestly cannot attest to good or bad. I had not heard of him until earlier this year--and only then though other Blog Readers such as yourself. I am not a subscriber to his offerings, though there have been times that some have shared. As for his past, well you have better insight than I there.

What I can relate is, despite what he notes in his stock reports -- he has no impact on Integral or the Management's decisions or progress to date. Were he not highlighting ITKG as a buy option, the stock would still have risen (maybe not so quickly, but it was on an upward progression all the same).

Earlier this year, Integral's management announced the overall game plan for this company's marketing campaign. This was the starting gun's report to inform all that Integral had transitioned from a developmental stage company and that it was aggressively working to now market their patented potential.

I understand your caution, and realize the need you express to know more before leaping blindly onto something so potentially new, and not yet marketed.

There is risk involved in that thinking, but there are rewards associated too.

I agree, this is speculative at best, and your caution is deserved. BUT, you have an opportunity that many do not have before you.

You are in Bellingham!

• You can contact the company and request a visit to the premises.

• You can speak face-to-face with some of the players associated with the birthing of this disruptive IP and get a direct impression before you invest.

Yes, I--being in Bavaria--am operating on an honor system, but I do have friends, whom I trust, and who had signed limited NDA with the Integral Technologies. It was these friends, who after their NDA expired, relayed their experience and impressions to what they were exposed to.

Not to be lulled into blindly believing based on faith alone -- I do value the judgment of these friends. I value, in a few cases, their technical expertise in assessing & evaluating their observations.

Yes there are awards, and experts have lauded the possibilities surrounding the ElectriPlast IP, and the potential changes can bring to the table. And while, as you note, Judges for awards do not often get a chance to garner full disclosure and access to all materials being reviewed, depending on the patent, patent pending or other legal statuses associated -- they do get access.

That's more than many reading this Blog have at present, and why when limited exposure to ElectriPlast, and awards offered are announced, people take note.

Once again, you are in a great position to visit the Integral facilities. I would urge you to call, make an appointment and act upon that opportunity before you before you consider investing.

Cheers and best from the snow-capped heart of Bavaria,

PK sends...

November 28, 2006 8:20 AM  

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