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June 22, 2011

ElectriPlast™: The ElectriPlast Blog Welcomes Herb Reedman


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By Vince S
ElectriPlast™ Blog Editor

[Editor's Note:  Originally, the theme of this article was the need for Integral to hire account representatives to negotiate with the many companies who have signed Integral non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  Although there are in excess of 350 NDAs, for a variety of reasons, there has been little follow-up by Integral.  This is already changing thanks to Herb Reedman's appointment.  Keep an eye on him, folks.  He is the real deal.]

An Auto Industry Visionary and Recognized Leader

When CEO William S. Robinson announced the appointment of Herbert C. Reedman, Jr. to the Integral Technologies Board of Directors a month ago, few could have imagined the immediate impact this dynamic entrepreneur would have on our company.  Based on his recent Company Corner interview, Herb has "hit the ground running."  For starters, as Robinson stated, "Herb will focus his attention on the awareness, marketing, branding and sales of ElectriPlast™."

Really, Bill?  Is there anything else you want Herb to do?  After all, his portfolio covers most of Integral's range of activities.  Awareness: Tell the world who we are and what we have to sell.  Marketing: Get Integral Technologies' name out there in as many venues (print, broadcast and Internet) as possible.  (Don't forget the Goodyear Blimp at the college football games!)  Branding: Raise consumer awareness of ElectriPlast™ making it a household word, if possible.  Sales: Bring home the bacon, baby! That's what this has been about since day one.  Since receiving his portfolio from Bill Robinson, Herb has already taken a number of initiatives that auger well for the future of Integral and all who are invested in her.

What About that Backlog of NDAs?

Since the advent of ElectriPlast™, Integral has signed an increasing number of NDAs with scores of manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, military, medical device and other sectors.  Some of them read about ElectriPlast™ on-line or in trade journals and inquired it, but they had to sign an NDA before serious discussions ensued.  Others, skeptical about claims that conductive plastic can not only do the work of some metals, but do it better in a number of cases, asked for test samples (now they must pay), but the obligatory NDA came first.  No matter what the prospective relationship between the parties, an NDA was required.  Now there are far more NDAs than ElectriPlast™ patents.  At last count, 350-plus such agreements had been signed to protect the rights of Integral and our potential clients.

Great!  Now what?  For starters, those 350 NDAs aren't worth the paper they're printed on unless someone from Integral follows up with the signatories; however, given staffing limitations at Integral, there has been very little follow up.  But even newly-minted MBA graduates know that follow up negotiations and salesmanship are necessary to move beyond the NDA stage and to the point of a purchase order.  Until Herb Reedman and his staff came along, whatever follow up that occurred had been conducted by Mo Zeidan and his team of specialists.

Let the Experts Handle the NDAs

As NDAs continued to mount, the staff at Integral remained fairly static, not that they had the time or the credentials to serve as account managers anyway.  Then, miracle of miracles, we found Herb Reedman, the missing piece of the Integral equation.  He has the resources, the network and the industry contacts to help move us beyond the penny stock level.  According to his interview, he has dedicated himself as well as six of his staff from Vantage4, his automotive marketing and consulting firm in Fort Washington, PA, to the success of Integral Technologies.  And that, folks, is what you call commitment.

Moreover, Herb is establishing the Integral Technologies National Sales Office in his Vantage4 marketing and consulting firm, the Philadelphia Center, as he calls it.  At last, someone is showing some leadership by focusing on that mountain of 350 NDAs and getting us out of our current circular pattern.  Reedman and company are experts at marketing, sales and consulting, and have the capability to move the NDA signatories to the contract stage.  Without question, Reedman's resources, networks and contacts can make this badboy happen.

One last observation, if I may be permitted: Herb Reedman was one of the best in his sector.

He was a successful businessman for four decades, a recognized leader in his industry, and an innovator and thinker who was in the vanguard of his group such that his wise counsel was sought by many of his peers.  Clearly, after building and running a multimillion dollar business, I submit that Herb Reedman isn't one to rest on his laurels.  That being the case, might I suggest, from a succession planning perspective, that Herb could easily take over the helm of this ship and make Bill Robinson and the rest of us very wealthy shareholders.

So, a hearty shout out from the ElectriPlast Blog and welcome to Integral Technologies, Herb Reedman!  We have been waiting for you for a very long time.

With business credentials that will help Integral move to the next level.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here: Reedman may have stepped up to the plate but he has yet to deliver anything.

Further, the facts show that "awareness, marketing, branding and sales" are NOT the problem. After all, with 350 NDAs out, there's plenty of "awareness".

No the facts show that the product just doesn't work. And no amount of "marketing and branding" will result in substantial "sales" until that's fixed. The product ineffectiveness is why we see the marketing focus constantly shifting: antennas to batteries to wire to shielding to ??? And not a single adoption. Now we see that the product design has shifted as well to "nickel plated carbon fibers".

The problem is the product and no amount of marketing and branding will be effective until that is fixed. And I don't think Reedman is the man for that job.

June 22, 2011 6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are the facts? did you speak with someone directly who told you that EP didn't work for their application? If so, please share. Do you really think that one blend of EP would be all that it takes? As they say, one size doesn't fit all....

June 22, 2011 9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is simply someone stating their spurious opinions as fact . . . know what you own and don't worry about it.

June 23, 2011 12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the "facts" were clearly stated:

- 350 NDAs out
- No commercial sales or adoptions of any kind
- The shifting market focus (remember Plastenna?)
- The technology shift to nickel plated carbon fibers

Those are facts as disclosed by ITKG (if you can believe what they tell you, which is a leap of faith in itself). And we can throw in the falling share price.

If these facts don't point to a fundamental product flaw, what do they say to you? If the product worked as promoted, do you honestly think ITKG would be broke with no revenue? (another fact BTW). It makes far more sense that Electriplast is not effective that the line "we're so understaffed that we can't follow-up and take a commercial order".

June 23, 2011 2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They didn't shift their technology to nickel plated carbon fibers. Several of their published data sheets show they have already been utilizing this. It looks more they continue to expand and improve what they already have.

June 26, 2011 10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you tech types can argue all you like about the extent of their product line. The fact remains: no one has delivered anything - despite years of promises.

It doesn't matter if they have 100 products or 10 if they don't sell anything.

June 29, 2011 7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As they collect a paycheck, Still nothing happens. The same story is told over and over. Next week, Next month, Next Year we will have a deal. Wait! This is summer now everyone is on break so it will not be till fall before we get any news or deal.

Large share holder here and I am just about done with them. The very last news bit was an insult, just a rehash of old news and slapping a new name on the product. Standing by for a total loss on this one. Maybe Next week, Next Month or Next year or by the end of summer break. Do hope I am wrong but as for now it looks very bad.

June 30, 2011 3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was quite pleased with the last two press releases. First of all bringing on Reedman, a known success in automotive, then announcing a new material that utilizes pa66. Pa66 is one of the most widely used plastics in automotive and I have not been able to find anyone that has a blend of pa66 and nickel coveted carbon fiber. For once it looks like have a strategy and the people in place to execute it.

July 03, 2011 10:27 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

I happen to think the same thing -- this is the story Integral will have to expand on -- and I think they soon will...

PK, wishing all a safe holiday weekend, sends...

July 04, 2011 6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Reeder has no "known success in automotive" product development. (He was a great success in selling cars but, the last I checked, ITKG is not selling vehicles.) ITKG is trying to bring a new technology and product set into the automotive market through Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Reeder has no demonstrated experience or success in this area at all.

But this is typical ITKG: toss out some fluffy catch phrases to create the illusion that something is happening. But it is not and the market is not fooled. There are almost no shares being traded and what few that are, are going cheaper every week.

The money's run out at ITKG and the next new development will be either dilution or liquidation.

July 05, 2011 8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

definitely dilution. The next financing is already in the works and it has to be substantial, as the payroll is growing. Too big to raise capital from shareholders anymore.
Speaking of payroll, why does no one address the issue of Robinson and Ince still pulling ridiuclous salaries, while Reedman is doing all of the work?
Two worthless drains on the company that bring nothing to the table.

July 06, 2011 1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Billz may be worthless to the shareholders (or worse) but they are geniuses in separating fools from their money. Do you know of anyone else who has delivered so little and made so much? These guys are good.

It will be interesting to see how long they can keep the game going. I think the trick is to find "investors" who don't know their track record and don't do too much DD.

July 06, 2011 3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the half empty cup: Sounds like you better get out while you still have half your rear end left. As for me, I accept the progress, though slow, and think time will show the rewards. I do not think they are a bunch of liars.

July 09, 2011 7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, exactly, is this "progress"?

What demonstrable results has ITKG delivered that constitutes this "progress"?

The only thing I see is broken promises, missed forecasts and new personnel. Is that "progress"? If that is not failure, what would be your definition of failure?

Could someone please pass me the KoolAide?

July 11, 2011 12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought Progress = Results.

Its been 10 years. How are we doing on the Results?

The 2012 motorcar application?
Anything from this character "Mo" lately?
Anything on wires? Batteries? Antennas? Anything at all?

Or am I being silly? Is Progress = Hope?

Or impatient? Is 10 years not enough? How much time is needed? 15 years? 20 years?

July 13, 2011 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Tobin Smith is in jail yet? He should be. Another one of his microcap recomendations recently went south (as so many have over the years) and sold all of their IP for scraps. This company now sells for a whopping penny - that's right, one penny. They had incredible technology with a significant market - or at least that's how it was conveyed to investors. Apparently they just couldn't sell it. Sound familiar to anyone?

Management must realize they've "been on the clock" for a while now....

July 13, 2011 6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an addendum to my previous post. I'm a long-term investor in ITKG (8 years) and have been a strong proponent of the company. I've defended management frequently on this forum as well as others, but enough is enough.

PK or any other readers, feel free to address my post at any time, but I will continue to sell in an attempt to salvage what's left of my investment.

July 13, 2011 11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on the selling - but I think its the right move.

The gig is up here. Money's run out, the stock's eroding, there are thousands of options out there and the company's reputation is that of a proven non-performer - so the prospects for private placements are poor.

And it looks like you'll have company. Lately, each day 10-20k shares are sold in the low 40's. Either people are cashing out, options are being exercised or the dilution has begun.

Good luck.

July 14, 2011 3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that if this is a company that you invested in a few years ago then you would certainly feel better about it now. 3 years ago they had a neat idea with a bunch of patents...no engineer, no data sheets, no sales and marketing. It seems as though stock price is driving the investment decision rather than the company. If you liked it then you should love it now. Volatility is a part of the bulletin board world. Absolutely, the company has not progressed as quickly as I would have liked but after all these years it looks like they are serious, I am not about to get out now.

July 18, 2011 2:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to balance some of the negative posts with a little positive. I've been in it for going on 6 years now, so there's no point in bailing now. I'd only gain back a fraction anyway. Plus, i'm actually more hopeful now than the last few years. Maybe all you naysayers are right - you've got a good argument. But i do know people at jasper and they are still optimistic. Frustrated, but optimistic. Each day we get closer to either bankruptcy or a purchase order. At this point, for me, the potential ceiling still outweighs the risk of losing. My legitimate skepticism keeps me from buying even one more share, but i'm staying put.

July 18, 2011 9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Herb got caught up in the hype like so many of us suckers, I mean investors. I have to admit, 8 years ago when I heard the hype I was very excited about Integral's prospects. My initial thoughts were, "EP practically sells itself" boy was I wrong, shame on me.

I say this about all the new people that are added to ITKG's team - I hope they are compensated based on results.

If Herb is half as excited about ITKG as we are lead to believe, we should be seeing his name included as a top holder of ITKG stock real soon, right? Or maybe he's just happy with a modest consulting fee for services provided....

To be honest, I used to be a glass half full guy with ITKG. Sadly that has changed. I wish I could be as positive as I once was about this company, but after all this time I just can't be.

July 19, 2011 12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to the last post about Reedman, I noticed in the last filing that he was not being compensated until appropriate funding was achieved. He must be a believer if he is working for free and by reading his interview in the Company Corner, he is throwing all of his company resources at Electriplast. I am more positive about the company now more than ever. Dejected about the share price but positve about the company.

July 19, 2011 5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last point about Herbie not owning ITKG stock is a good one. Same with this character Jimmie Eagan (Remember - The Savior from Orbcomm?). Neither is a shareholder of record and that says it all. They know the whole story and they ain't buying. Why should anyone else?

Combine that with the fact that insider Dickie Blumberg has just sold 70000 shares and you gotta believe that the end is near. If people closest to the company won't invest their money - why should we?

July 19, 2011 5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that Reedman is currently working for free is an investment and a vote of confidence. Herb appears to be very close to the company and according to Integral's last filing, he is not being compensated until the company is properly funded. A seasoned guy like Reedman working for free, says alot and there is enough stock compensation for him he has a financial incentive to see this succeed. As a shareholder, I would rather have someone investing their expertise in the success of the company, rather than buying a few shares in the market.

July 20, 2011 5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I thought Herbie was a board member - not an employee of the Billz.

I don't know about other shareholders but I like my board members to have skin in the game - just like I do. Then it might occur to them to represent the interests of the shareholders. I know that's an incredibly novel idea here but I still like it.

"Integral Technologies: Where Progress in Measured in Promises"

July 20, 2011 11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putting in your time and trying to build a sales organization without getting paid, is having skin in the game.

July 21, 2011 12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get real. One of the (supposed) best sales and business men in the country is working for a "promise" of compensation from a company that, well, hasn't been too good at delivering on its promises. That makes sense.

And even if he was doing something with the product, does he know an ohm from a kilogram?

Are we all so naive to think that ITKG has this great product but just can't figure out the mechanics of exchanging it for money? In other words, ITKG cannot do what is done millions of times per year on Ebay and Craig's list?

No. ITKG is plenty smart enough to sell - they sold us those precious shares on nothing but a wink and song. Those same shares, BTW, that have dropped about 50% this year.

Time is running out on this gig.

July 21, 2011 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I do think Integral has had this great technology and did not know how to sell it. It is one thing to sell a story to a bunch of small investors, companies do that every day. It is far more difficult to sell a new technology to a bunch of engineers when you don't even have an engineer or salesperson on staff, which is exactly the position Integral was in until bringing on Mo and now Reedman.

July 21, 2011 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mo, has anyone heard anything of him in the last year? Progress reports? How he spends his time? (Dare we expect results!?) I think the least the company could do is spin a few unverifiable yarns about his exploits and how he will save the company...soon. But nothing...

I wonder if Mo has left the building? Gone the way of the Aisenbey? Is he still on the payroll?

July 22, 2011 7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo was quote in the last pr so he is still active.

"ElectriPlastTM-CF66 is a customer-tested product that was praised for its durability, functionality and light-weight composition," added Mo Zeidan, CTO of Integral. "Not only does it offer a weight advantage over other conductive plastics in the industry, but its mechanical properties are far superior." Industries from automotive to electronics and consumer goods are seeking lightweight component solutions to meet consumer demand for lighter, more portable products and as a means to comply with stricter government fuel standards and greenhouse emissions.

July 23, 2011 6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


First there was Ravi
Then there was Orbcomm...the company
Then there was Doug Mathias and JARCO
Then there was MO and the seven dwarves
Then there was formerly Orbcomm Egan
Then there was used car Reedman

And in between a couple of Marketing companies hired on as consultants.

And through it all....Zero contracts in ....$34 million out.

And who are we trying to kid about no engineers? Tommy wasn`t an engineer yet he invented the stuff and then they fired him. Jasper has an engineering staff and an A2LA accredited lab. And they are the official manufacturer of Electriplast. Jasper has been in business for 60 years. I suggest anyone who really thinks Doug Mathias is so stupid, should read the terms he negotiated with Integral for Amendment One back in 2007.

July 27, 2011 12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a new investor can you tell me what the terms were (that you refer to in your post) that were negotiated with Jasper? Do you think they are favorable?

July 27, 2011 1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's easy to see that the trends in the automobile industry make it a prime market for EP:

Nissan also announced at the 2011 Plug-In Conference in Raleigh, N.C. that it will expand the U.S. availability of its electric Leaf to 16 states. On July 25, Nissan will open the ordering process to consumers with existing reservations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and the District of Columbia. After the prioritized ordering phase for existing reservations in those markets, Nissan will open new reservations and orders on Aug. 4 to the general public, both in these new markets, as well as states where the Leaf already has been on sale (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington). Expected delivery of the first 2012 Leafs will begin in the fall.

July 29, 2011 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous post is, ironically, a testimony to the dismal failure of this product and company. The fact is there have been no commercial adoptions whatsoever after years of trying amidst all this market "pull" and market potential.

Something is seriously wrong here. And time is running out.

August 02, 2011 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong here. A select few people are making a great deal of money. That's exactly what this company was designed to do - extract funds from easily-duped investors and slide it into the pockets of the principals of the company.

The only product that needs to be "manufactured" is a string of promises to keep the dim-witted investors hanging on. And to maybe hook a few more.

Its all perectly legal, nicely protected by that "Forward looking statement" disclaimer.

My hats off to the Billz.

Now, I have a transparent stainless steel product that I've invented in my garage. Would wnyone out there be interested in investing...?

August 04, 2011 2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PK on Herbie Reedman:

"...few could have imagined the immediate impact this dynamic entrepreneur would have on our company..."

Since coming on board, we have watched the ITKG share price plummet 50%. Now that's "immediate impact".

A couple more stellar strategic moves like that should snuff the company altogether.

August 09, 2011 7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not sure how much more "progress" I can take.

August 10, 2011 11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, there's been a train wreck; all you lookey-loos can keep moving.

August 13, 2011 11:23 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

All --

I've read the above comments and realize the frustration. It's hard to imaging hope being this stringy and thin, and even harder to imagine those holding out on this investment without access to the clued insights flashed on occasion our direction.

While we have been critical to the two Bills in the past, we have withheld such hostile review for Mr. Reedman, and even offered him praise -- realizing that his vision and focus was the one which would/could take us well beyond the vaunted "money-making" goal line faster than that of the indecisive Bills.

Such loyalty to a boardmember newcomer is rare, but this (the action taking place today in the press) is a much needed shot in the arm, and frankly, the only way of enduring the many management mis-steps of the past.

Reedman, and his crew have been busy behind the scenes fine-tuning and creating the conditions observed in today's press release. They have been coordinating, yes actually coordinating, with the many NDA's that fell through the cracks under the Bills management, and found many still interested in pursuing a relationship. Reedman's team have established a manufacturing push to customer platform that will ensure satisfaction on the supply and demand side, and a basis of follow-up contact and support with those customers and partners we are doing business with. These details, as with others will be fleshed out in the coming weeks.

Needless to say, we have been hyping this guy for a good reason. Be patient just a little longer and watch as he explains his plan, and it unfolds to become clear to all.

PS: My bit of future-tense spoiler -- the ending results in Investor's finally seeing profit in terms of "$$$" via sales and market transition.

I'm just sayin'...

PK sends...

August 15, 2011 7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's been 2 months since you wrote PK and nothing has changed. In fact, we are in worse shape now because of the financing issue that isn't resolved and the burn rate increasing.
It's time Reedman's honeymoon ends with the shareholders as he has not accomplished any more than the worthless Robinson had-to date.
Sure, they are making contacts and following leads. In the meantime the cash continues to burn and no contracts.
I say no, to giving him anymore grace period. Are any of us better off now than 6 months ago, other than Robinson and Ince?
It's time for Reedman to pony up.

October 16, 2011 9:09 PM  

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