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May 26, 2006

ElectriPlast - Setting Sights on a Course to Follow. . .

Commentary from

a Fellow

Shareholder. . .

By Stephen

Special to the Electriplast Blog

[ElectriPlast Blob Publisher's Note: The following was submitted as a reflection to a recent Tobin Smith article. (Of note: I am not a subscriber of this newsletter, so what I hear is mostly second-hand at best. Still, I would be a fool to ignore the opinions of others, 'sitting on the Shoulders of Giants' who, like us all, are intent on tracking this investment.)

That said, I speak for myself and the numerous others reading this Blog in saying thank you Stephen for your input -- PK sends...]

Hello Friends…

In reference to a recent Tobin Smith ChangeWave update -- “Staying the Course” -- sounds very much like the advice some invested in Integral Technologies have been following for many years. However, more interesting is how a month ago he was saying, “Buy everything you can up to $2”. Then a week ago he says accumulate to “$2.50”. Now he’s saying “Stay the Course”. Sounds like Mr Tobin's recommendation is to move away from day trading, and rather accumulate and hold. I like this guy. It appears that he knows something apart from the obvious.

If people follow suit, I would expect to continue to see record high volumes of accumulation and a pps that continues to push upward. Six months ago we were averaging 52,000 shares a day on 30 cents. In six months our yearly average has gone to nearly 400,000 shares a day on a pps pushing $3. That is a lot of million share days to bump up such a high average in such a short time.

But, I also believe there are a lot more entities trading out there on this stock than just Mr Smith’s readers. So, I would also expect to see wild fluctuations with sharp drops in profit taking and fairly quick rebounds, while accumulation continues to push the pps up, forming an ever higher base. And my thought is that any dip will only be because the traders are exhausted, and are testing the bear. But any positive word from Vancouver, especially wind of the BIG contract, will put a fire in the engine and the tires and we'll be racing ever upward once again.

My apologies to all you realistic thinker/investors out there if my thoughts sound like run away fantasy, once again. But I don’t see us ever going back, but if only slightly for a breather. This mountain of IP that we sit on—over 100 patents issued or pending—is about to erupt.

There are at least eight to a dozen companies signing license agreements over the next year, maybe more. Some of these companies, large ones (as Tobin Smith has hinted), have been developing the new product lines for over four years now and should be about ready. And of the over fifty companies currently doing R & D, I estimate that at least two dozen will be signed within two years, and more as each patent gets approved.

Beyond that, there is the matter of Government interest. After the DOD initiatives come, and eventually go into production in four to five years, the rocket will be fully lit.

We are starting to feel the initial tremors. And the pressure of the magma is pushing up. For what it’s worth, I would advise an accumulation and hold strategy (NO DAY TRADING), or you'll run the risk chasing the stock and possibly getting shut out. IMHO.



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