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July 20, 2006

ElectriPlast – The Market Cap Potential…

How High

Will it Go???

ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

[ElectriPlast Blog Publisher's Note: In Response to a ElectriPlast Blogship (EB) Readers Question. I would like to submit the following for the EB audience to consider -- PK sends...]

What Market Cap should this stock have?

In regards to the Market Cap associated to this company's [ Integral Technologies (OTCBB: ITKG) ] stock -- I have heard, via email from other Blog readers who shared some of Mr. Tobin Smith's comments, that he sees vast potential here, and I believe he keeps referring to it as a 10-bagger.

Personally, I do not know for certain. The conductive materials market for ElectriPlast, the intellectual property (IP) in question, is largely unexplored (or rather, limited forays have been made in the past, but none successful due to the poor quality materials used at the time).

The company behind ElectriPlast has three things going for it at this point.

  • Interest -- the prospects of ElectriPlast has the potential of touching every manufacturing product, and to that extent, the capabilities are limitless.

Once the first sale is made, and the product hits the streets, its viability and value will be proven. From that point on, we are dealing with a real, touchable, working, material--and that could catapult the market value considerably.

Think on it this way. People invested here are like venture capitalists. Granted it is not the exact same, but this is a penny stock, and these shareholders are investing now into a dream, sight unseen--which if it works, has the potential of multiplying their fortunes dramatically...

  • Patents -- the company has learned from its past mistakes, and now trusts in garnering the required patents before moving their product beyond the realm of their control. This is one prime reason behind the slow development and marketing of this ElectriPlast material. The short of it is they were not well protected.

Within the next year, approximately 90 patents will become approved, with more being applied for to supplement the growing number of prospective uses of the material. One story, not well known, deals with a time, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, when DuPont had taken Integral under its wing with promises to bankroll further development of their IP material.

Tom Aisenbrey, smartly, did not share the secrets behind the creation of the ElectriPlast material--even though DuPont offered space in their labs for him to continue his work.

It was discovered (rumor has it, by some patent researching Integral shareholders) that DuPont was quietly submitting patent applications for materials with similar properties/abilities to that of Integral's ElectriPlast.

Rumor once again has it that Ellis, Preston & Gates stepped in and confronted DuPont. The working relationship was severed, though you cannot walk totally away from an established market leader. Still Integral left with their IP intact.

Now, DuPont, realizing the missed opportunity--and moreover, possibly the future potential involved, is attempting to play nice.

At least that is how I read the situation. Suffice it to note, patents are the key to this company's fortunes, and future success.

  • Finally, the Need -- On the Blog, we have discussed the need of such a flexible & diverse material. As a matter of fact, almost 80% of this Blog's features detail issues of present or future need, and the technology enhancements associated.

This is not a limited wonder like fiber-optics. ElectriPlast, in all its incarnations, has the potential of changing technology as we understand and view it today.

A number of companies realize this and have been quietly working with/test-bedding samples of ElectriPlast materials.

My sense, its integration into our society will be something like that of the cell phone. Once they were the exception, now they are the rule. Try to find a payphone these days, you will catch my meaning.

Mr. Tobin Smith referred this to a 10 bagger. In an effort to not hype the potential, or the validity of his assessment, I have a sense that once ElectriPlast hits the streets and becomes a tangible issue, it could have the momentum of a Starbucks, Microsoft or the like. Only then will the potential become truly realized. For now, take the 10 bagger statement for what it is worth.


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