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July 02, 2006

ElectriPlast: Updated NPE Report

Plastics Regain

Sex Appeal

By Scott S.

Special to the ElectriPlast Blog

Integral Technologies very recently executed seven more non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) -- a few with major players -- in the plastics and materials industry.

These potential partners obviously believe ElectriPlast will become a premier material for next-gen antenna. And seeing ITKG Chief Technologist Tom Aisenberry's presentation at the National Plastics Exposition (NPE), it is not difficult to believe it.

ElectriPlast can quite simply mimic any metal on the planet.

Just think of the implications! There is a huge problem with shortages of copper for wiring (70% of copper goes to wiring). And given the trillions of dollars of infrastructure going into China, India and other developing countries, cost is a major financial issue.

Here is what Aisenberry says about ElectriPlast and copper: "Copper is a chemical conductor, and we use these same chemicals in our version of copper equivalent ElectriPlast, thus we reach the same results as electrons traveling on the surface of conductors and have the same open valance bands needed for this to be highly conductive -- they are also, on an average, 80% lighter than typical copper conductors."

Remember that each pellet of ElectriPlast contains all of the ingredients needed to make plastic mimic any metal, and it can be made into any shape that is moldable.

Integral Technologies holds 11 patents issued as of today, five more to be issued shortly, and there are another 93 applications being reviewed.

Heatron Inc. (specialists in heating element and thermal management designs) has just started using Integral's ElectriPlast and again we think it is only a matter of weeks until we see some tier-one plastics and polymer players turn NDAs into licenses.

Here's a hint: Dow Chemical (DOW) underwrote Tom's session at the NPE conference. Just think about some of the products made by DuPont -- Lycra, nylon, Teflon -- that have sold billions of dollars worth of product.

With 15,000 different recipes for combining ElectriPlast, we just can't express the opportunity we believe we hold in these shares.

All we can recommend is that you should continue to accumulate on any weakness in the share price.


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