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July 16, 2006

ElectriPlast: A podcast Interview with ITKG . . .

An Interview

worth taking

the time to

listen to.

ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

[ElectriPlast Blog Publisher's note: The interview linked is a propriety right of Craig Peterson, and Tech-Talk. Copying or transferring portions of the podcast's interview for personal or public use is not recommended, or encouraged -- PK sends...]

On 13 July 2006 -- Integral's CEO, Bill Robinson, in a conversation with Craig Peterson on his popular forward looking show called "Tech-Talk," discussed Prospects and Potentials surrounding the IP known as: ElectriPlast . . .

Craig Peterson interviewed Integral Technologies CEO, Bill Robinson about the new product called ElectriPlast. For those who are not yet aware -- ElectriPlast is an extremely Electrically Conductive Resin-based material that is Molded from Integral’s Proprietary Recipe, facilitated by Integral’s IP. The conductivity in question can meet or exceed that of metal contemporaries.

This polymer material can use a wide variety of base resins globally available from major suppliers that can capitalize on full range of resin technologies to meet demands of different applications.

During the molding process, the resin(s) are homogenized with Integral’s proprietary formulation of conductive materials.

Proprietary formulation provides structural integrity to polymer matrix.

Rated the #1 radio show in the Boston Market, Tech Talk With Craig Peterson helps you learn the secrets of everyday technology that you need to know. Craig interviews top industry insiders and explains tech in ways everyone understands.

To get to the podcast link, click the picture above.


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