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June 05, 2006

ElectriPlast: The Consumer Electronics Industry and Beyond?

Does Integral

have legs?

You bet, folks!

Read on.

By Vince S.
ElectriPlast Blog Editor

What does the future hold for this embryonic company? Perhaps crystallomancy will give us a clue!

If we asked the “Great Swami” to gaze into his crystal ball (crystallomancy is telling the future by reading a crystal ball) and give us a prediction on the future of Integral Technologies’ and its intellectual property, ElectriPlast, what would he tell us? Would he say that we have the product, the patents and the people in place to compel the consumer electronics market to take a totally different direction?

Would Swami portend untold wealth for the perceptive few who invested in Integral at the outset--gaining the ten-bagger squared as Tobin Smith so famously gushed--or would he see the kind of financial ruin that compelled many investors to bungee jump (minus the restraining cord) from the upper floors of skyscrapers at the height of the Crash of ’29?

With all due respect to the astrologists, clairvoyants, palm-readers, phrenologists, psychics and seers of this world, we Integral shareholders don’t need them to tell us about the future of Integral Technologies. ‘Mystic messengers’ are fine for folks who believe in them. We, on the other hand, have placed our bets on high technology, not crystallomancy!

Patent office files trump crystallomancy every time!

At his very best, the author has rarely been good at predicting anything! The Lottery? Don’t make me laugh! Good fishing weather? Try tsunami-sized waves! Best timing for requesting a raise? Forget about it! Still, there is one area in which this amateur auger has had a degree of success in divining the probability of Integral Technologies’ future marketplace success.

Buried in the files of the US and European Patent Offices are patent registrations that are far superior barometers than the mystical musings of crystal ball readers. As an example, the European Patent Office’s worldwide database http://ep.espacenet.com listed some 153 results when inventor (Thomas Aisenbrey) or applicant (Integral Technologies) were searched.

Inexplicably, some of these patent registrations are duplicates and the number doesn’t square with the numbers given in the latest Integral PR. Be that as it may, I am not as impressed with the number of patent registered as I am with the contents of the patent descriptions and their worldwide implications.

A cursory analysis of Integral’s patents on EURPO reveal applications that cut a broad swath across many consumer and industrial segments. Clearly, the ‘Great Swami’ and his ‘magic’ crystal ball would have been hard pressed to come up with a better set of indicators to predict the success of Integral Technologies.

And the envelope, please . . . !

A quick perusal of Integral Technologies’ patents on EURPO revealed an amazingly diverse world for our ElectriPlast intellectual property. A few of the areas in which we have filed patents are:

  1. detectable pipe and electric fencing;
  2. electrical power connections for railway (and subway) systems;
  3. aircraft structures and avionics;
  4. vehicle body chassis, braking and fuel cell systems;
  5. heating elements for cooking appliances;
  6. toys and toy components, i.e., motors, antennas, transformers, etc.;
  7. food processing, preparation, and handling devices;
  8. magnetic braking devices for amusement park rides, mass transportation, etc.

Tom Aisenbrey, the ‘Wizard of Bellingham,’ once stated that a good number of ElectriPlast patents would be north of 300. According to the latest press release, he is only a third of the way through the discovery process and already the breadth of ElectriPlast applications is staggering.

Assuming the role of the ‘Great Swami,’ I predict that the number of ElectriPlast product areas will double the current projection of 300. This will be accomplished when the consumer electronics and other industries discover other uses for this disruptive material.

According to Tobin Smith, “Every patent allowed on an application of ElectriPlast represents a potential new licensing opportunity. As ITKG expands its intellectual property portfolio, new partnering agreements -- the key to corporate growth -- will likely take shape.” No wonder he licked his chops and salivated so vigorously as he did the math in his March 9, 2006 ChangeWave piece entitled, Molding a Winner.

Put another way, if each patent represents a ship to be docked, unloaded and integrated into the American marketplace, the line of ElectriPlast ships waiting to be admitted to, say the port of Los Angeles, would stretch nearly to Hawaii.

By now, I hope you have given the ‘Great Swami’ the boot in favor of the ‘Wizard of Bellingham,’ because the bottom line here is quite apparent. This company is facing a long and prosperous future and has the ability to go way beyond the consumer electronics industry.


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