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November 29, 2006

ElectriPlast: Enter, the Production Stage




Arm in Place...

By © 2006 BusinessWire
November 29, 2006 9:00:00 AM ET

Integral Technologies Announces Jasper Rubber as the Official Manufacturer of ElectriPlast™

Integral Technologies, Inc.'s ITKG ("Integral"), announces that it has selected Jasper Rubber Products Inc. (Jasper) (www.jasperrubber.com) as the official manufacturer of ElectriPlast™, the world's first highly conductive polymer. Jasper is also a licensee of Electriplast™. This manufacturing agreement moves Integral's ElectriPlast™ from the prototype stage to production stage, as the Company will now be able to get the necessary material to well over 100 companies that are currently under NDA (non-disclosure agreements) with Integral.

Jasper's CEO and President Doug Mathias, commenting on Jasper becoming the official manufacturer of ElectriPlast™ said, "This groundbreaking agreement positions Jasper to contribute to the long-term success of Integral by providing a solid manufacturing source, while delivering ISO/TS certified quality, for the family of ElectriPlast™ materials.

We believe the potential of this large scale agreement combined with the future opportunities of ElectriPlast™ materials will not only provide a new area of direction for Jasper, but will revolutionize the electrically conductive materials market.

The execution of this manufacturing agreement places Jasper squarely in the middle of potentially, one of the largest technological advancements ever to occur in the rubber and plastics industries, and we are proud that Integral has selected us as their worldwide manufacturing partner."

Jasper Rubber, founded in 1949, is a leader in innovative rubber and plastics development. They manufacture a full range of products for major appliance, oil filter, and automotive industries. Jasper's client base includes Fortune 500 companies.

Integral Technologies

Integral Technologies, Inc. (www.itkg.net) is the developer of an innovative electrically conductive resin-based material called "ElectriPlast™," a highly conductive recipe that can be molded into virtually any shape or dimension associated with the range of plastics, rubbers and other polymers. Our IP consists of ElectriPlast™ and thousands of different applications pertinent to a wide variety of industries. To date, we have had 21 US patents issued, or allowed and pending issuance, and 90 patents pending on ElectriPlast™ applications. Various examples of industries where ElectriPlast™ can be used are antennas, shielding, lighting, circuitry, switch actuators, resistors, and medical devices, to name just a few. The company is currently introducing these new products and ElectriPlast™ technology on a global scale.

This press release contains "forward-looking statements'' within the meaning of Section 27A of the 1933 Securities Act and Section 21E of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act. Actual results could differ materially, as the result of such factors as (1) competition in the markets for the products and services sold by the company, (2) the ability of the company to execute its plans, and (3) other factors detailed in the company's public filings with the SEC. By making these forward-looking statements, the Company can give no assurances that the transaction described in this press release will be successfully completed, and undertakes no obligation to update these statements for revisions or changes after the date of this release.

For more detailed information on the company and the technologies described above please visit our web site at www.itkg.net or contact Shareholder Relations at 888-666-8833 or The Investor Relations Group, at 212-825-3210. To review the company's filings with the SEC, please go to www.sec.gov. Contact Information: Integral Technologies, Inc. Michael Pound, Shareholder Relations, 888-666-8833.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the continued good work w/the blog. In my estimation you are providing a great service to the shareholders or those simply looking for more information.

The manufacturing announcement ws a long time in coming. Hooray! I believe it was one of the best-written pieces to date.

Now that the manufacturing arm has been announced, what is your best guess as to the next phase of our journey?


December 02, 2006 4:57 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Thank you much for the words of appreciation for the EB and support –

We strive for a fair and balanced approach in dealing with this Blog – though we have an obvious bias based on our understanding of pending events, and the history shared here. This is not specifically to address your question but please, give me a quick moment to speak to others who may be reading:

The comments/answers offered on the EB—as a matter of fact, the premise of the articles hosted, and the ElectriPlast Blog itself— (is/are) not given to feed into a pump or dump scheme, but rather, they are given in a manner to let the reader/questioner understand that this is not the sole resource for information, and more importantly, that throughout the process—they have a choice.

In regards to the comments/answers offered, some responses as a result may come across as wishy-washy, and for that, well…I look at answering the initial question, but then must also consider doing so while taking into account the fact that others may also be reading. As a result, my responses are tempered in respect for the fact that I am not speaking in a private forum to just one other individual. What I would encourage any wanting to interact and get a honest opinion is to simply send an email and ask your questions on a one-to-one basis with the understanding that it not to be shared beyond that. I will then offer an opinion with the understanding that you are responsible and aware of the choices associated and that my opinions are indeed biased based upon the varied insights & experiences I use to filter my views.

Alright, jumping off of that soapbox, you asked about the:

“Next Phase of our Journey?”

Well, the “Who” is already established – and the last press release notes that there are well over 100 non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) associated.

The “What, Where, How,” well those are apparent givens.

That leaves the “When & Why.”

The “When” is the question easiest to answer. It has already started. Over the past months, Integral and JARCO have installed the necessary equipment to make manufacturing a reality. If you had checked out JARCO’s website, you would have noted that they have been hiring recently for the forecasted increases in production. Were you one of their clients, you would have been briefed on a disruptive new material that the JARCO leadership believed would satisfied your needs and beyond—and may then have been invited, along with numerous other clients for tours and demonstrations of the product, the capabilities, and the various offshoot potentials associated. Were you to call have Integral, you may have found that Tom Aisenbrey has been spending some serious time in Jasper—but when asked why, you would have probably received a “no comment” statement. The same goes for the Integral CEO. He too has made a number of trips to Jasper—but little else is known (or rather, said) beyond that. Finally, according to the local Jasper news media, an article we intend to post on the EB later today (once an outstanding issue is fact checked), it notes that production IS presently taking place.

The “Why,” well, to make you, me, along with the various companies involved oodles and oodles of money is one aspect. But more the project management process at hand is to achieve a number of milestones. We have already crossed some of them and the price of the stock and investor awareness and enthusiasm has reflected—but more importantly, we have crossed them on time, and remain on schedule for the end result – how did Integral’s CEO describe “that end result” almost a year ago…


“While sales and marketing are becoming the key area of focus for us going forward, we realize that our most valuable asset is our technology. It is important that we maintain our leading industry position and continue to invest in innovation going forward. Our objective for 2006 is to continue expanding and protecting our intellectual property, while sharing the cost of innovation with our partners and customers.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that I think we are on the cusp of seeing ElectriPlast(TM) achieve commercial success. I believe that over the next several years, we will be able to gain a substantial share of the conductive polymer market that has been projected by Business Communications to reach $1.6 billion by 2010. I want to thank you for your continued support over the past years. It has been an exciting ride for us, and we look forward to a very productive 2006."”

So in answer to your question – the project was detailed in the linked 3 Jan 2006 article. The ultimate plan is to achieve commercial success, and gain an overwhelming share of the conductive polymer market—which will grow as the product capabilities, and various offshoot potentials become realized and applied.

Integral has fulfilled its 2006 agenda. Now is the time to mimic the example of some of companies often referenced in the EB (like Microsoft, Star Bucks, and eBay), and expand on the 2006 successes in order to make some serious inroads into capturing a yet-to-be-tapped market.

So, my friend, this is not a best guess. Based on the history witnessed, even in the past year, I would call the game plan detailed above as: "the Next Phase"

Cheers, season’s greetings, and best to us all…

PK sends…

December 02, 2006 11:09 AM  

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