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May 21, 2007

ElectriPlast: The Pygmalion Effect at work here, No...


Do We



By: PK
ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

A Fair Question & Reply for the Times...

Recently, an EB Reader posed a very interesting question, one which probably resonates with many Integral shareholders.


So, with each passing month this stock appears less and less attractive. The old adage that time will tell is sadly starting to look like it is telling a sad story.

Are you still a believer?


Excellent question. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to field it.

Am I still a Believer? Strangely enough, I am still a believer -- though like you -- I am stymied by the silence and lack of action.

Sources say that Jasper Rubber Products, Inc. (JARCO) is ready to move forward and in ways that they can, are moving forward. Their sales force is in the field and arrangements for production and specific manufacturing needs have been made. The problem with that scenario is that it is not JARCO's responsibility to publicize their actions, and ongoing activities for the benefit of ITKG shareholders. That is a job for Integral Technologies.

My thinking is, JARCO's efforts, like that of the shareholders, are complicated by Integral, and its CEO's apparent initiative handicap. I mean, while silence and secrecy at times do serve a purpose, it is my firm belief that it would make product easier far to sell if Integral Technologies disclosed more, making information more readily available. Once again, I'm talking "real information," not that which is currently offered to the shareholders in the form of ambiguous statements, but "real information" presented a clear concise fashion. Information that is followed by action and directed to the market as a whole. Information, presented through the licensees highlighted in past reports. Information possibly used to peak the interest of, encourage and influence the licensees' competitors.

In my view, making this happen is Integral's #1 job.

At the moment, I too am wondering at the game plan in effect. The Discovery Channel video was an event Integral should have been on top of. The same goes for the Computer Power User (CPU) and the Modern Plastics (ModPlas) articles. Even after the fact, they should have been paraded as forward progress. That said, not all is lost. The public release of the third party test results is another milestone which should make news, along with the approval of a key patent--mentioned in one of CEO Bill Robinson’s recent interviews--which is due shortly.

I understand the angst many shareholders are experiencing and, to be honest, I too am wondering at the continued silence.

The reason –

As for being a believer, the reason is not pygmalion in nature. This has nothing to do with a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is no magic, or strings involved -- and unlike what some might choose to think, this belief does not come from a bottle. Rather, my belief is strictly because of JARCO's involvement.

The ElectriPlast IP is novel and will catch on. That is not to say this was always the case.

In the past, Integral had a major handicap in its efforts to move beyond the next level—looking at Integral Technologies and their ElectriPlast IP from the perspective of an interested Fortune 100/500 producer, companies have to take in the whole scope of the supply chain before committing themselves. When they saw Integral, they pretty much saw Tom Aisenbrey sitting in the back shop of Integral's office spaces, mixing limited amounts of product—and nothing near that which could possibly support the massive needs of a Fortune 100/500 company.

To move to the next level, or better, to attract companies who regarded not only ElectriPlast as a viable product, but the company pushing it forward as a competent and serious contender for their purchasing/investment dollars, Integral needed to break out of that mold and become aligned with an established manufacturer. This is where JARCO entered the scene, stage right.

To date, JARCO has invested vast resources and money on production machinery alone--and plan on spending more to possibly quadruple production capacity. To further back this investment, JARCO’s money has also been spent on the hiring additional personnel, third party testing, supply chain coordination, and other expansion-related issues.

Suffice it to note, the details are grey, and rightly so, but what is known is that they are believers, and are deeply invested in the success of ElectriPlast. I am following their lead because this long established, $70 million dollar leading manufacturer is already a success story. That, and the fact that they are close enough to the action to see the fire, when all you and I can do is smell the smoke.

So, there you have it. While I too have concerns about Integral's recent silence, I realize that much of my concern comes from my inquisitive nature, and desire to know more. Still, I do not let that stop me from uncovering more or from sharing my discoveries with others.

Linked on this Blog is the Discovery Channel video someone kindly posted on the Internet. We have run the stories that (in my opinion) Integral should have featured, and are generating our own stories based on the submitted and approved patents and the speculative logic associated with the prospective innovations they can offer.

My beliefs are not based on blind faith. They are based on an investment; I--like all now reading this passage--have serious money riding on this company and JARCO is the kicker. They are a private, employee-owned company currently earning about $70 million plus dollars by manufacturing plastic products for their Fortune 500 client base. Do you think they would forsake their reputation in the industry, their ISO/TS certifications, and risk loosing their client base if they thought their partnership with Integral Technologies would not work?

I thought you’d say that!

Yeah, I would like to see more action; I would like to hear and relay more success stories, but I also realize that there are milestones in the near future which will be met. I can wait for their arrival.

Can you?

Cheers and best regards from the Heart of Bavaria,

PK sends...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article was well written and you hit a home run! I have invested in many microcap stocks. I have to say that of all micro-stocks that I invest in, ITKG does a fantastic job of making sure their CEO is not readily accessable to the shareholders. ITKG has deliberately shielded their CEO from day to day calls. When was the last time, as a shareholder, you have received any corespondence from Bill Robinson? As a developmental company, he should be working hard to keep shareholders informed. Instead, Bill has choosen to distance himself from the single most important asset he has available, the shareholder.

May 22, 2007 3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PK -
You said:

"To date, JARCO has invested vast resources and money on production machinery alone--and plan on spending more to possibly quadruple production capacity."

Just curious, how do yo know this? I've looked at the Jasper website and can't find any info. Since this is a private company, info is hard to get.



May 22, 2007 1:11 PM  
Blogger PK... said...


As noted in the editorial, "sources" indicated JARCO's leaning on these issues.

Also noted, the information does not point to specifics because confidences & disclosure issues are at hand, hence the information made available is in the grey-realm and for good reason.

I might say more, but I won't at this time. Suffice it to reiterate an earlier sentiment -- some are close enough to situation to see the fire, where all we see is smoke in the air...

PK sends...

May 23, 2007 12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What’s your take on Integral’s continued silence? On May 29th we were able to determine that an important patent had received approval. We also know that third party test results are long overdue. So what’s the hold up? There is certainly news available for release should they choose to do so. In addition, with the last CEO update a year and a half ago, we’re long overdue for some kind of a status of the company update.

I think it comes down to a cowardly CEO. Up until now, Robinson’s done nothing but over promise and under deliver, the exact opposite of what you’d like to see in a CEO. And when you under perform, you get a lot of criticism. Because they don’t like and can’t handle it, a lot of the inferior CEOs receiving negative feedback for sustained poor performance solve the problem by no longer providing any information at all that they can be measured against. No performance metrics and no status updates mean no grounds for criticism. Never mind that an information lockdown is in essence giving shareholders the finger. It’s not about the shareholder’s after all, it’s what makes a weak CEO feel better about himself. Let shareholders ‘take the bid’ if they don’t like it…

I don’t expect that we’ll get any kind of significant updates or news until the CEO decides it’s somehow in his best interest to provide it. Otherwise we would have already heard something.

June 16, 2007 7:37 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

An EB Reader recently asked:

What’s your take on Integral’s continued silence?

As I noted in earlier in the related article, I think disclosure would better serve the company, the development of their ElectriPlast IP, and the deep pocketed financing elements looking to see this product succeed.

The silence endured by shareholders only hurts and ferments discontent and distrust.

Why this is the path taken? I truly don't know or understand the logic behind it as I watch events unfold from my small Giant's perch.

I won't defend current actions, or point a finger in acquisition -- I simply don't have the insight on these particulars at this time.

What I will reiterate is the insight I have gleaned from sources near the company, and more specifically on the ground at JASPER as well as those looking to do business with JARCO. To that end, the sales forces have done their work, and all are waiting on the finalization of the long advertised tests to finish.

Rumor is, the tests have exceeded expectations, and are not delayed -- specific aspects need to be completed in order to move forward with a comprehensive report on the IP's capabilities and characteristics.

I wish I could relay a better answer to your question, but that one is up to Integral to field....

PK sends...

June 18, 2007 1:02 PM  
Blogger pgs said...

Greetings PK, the following is a post I made yesterday to the iHub board, and which was deleted. I seek your advice on why you think this was done. The message which led me to the post has been restored, yet I'm uncertain which taboos I have violated with the remainder of my message. Censorship in any form rubs me the wrong way, and I'm seeking a better balance; I realize the need for some screening on a public forum, yet feel there should be some accountability. Your thoughts would be welcome and appreciated. You could send me a private message if you wish. Thank you, paul

This is a reply to a message which was deleted, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why.

The message was from "Oldguy"

It simply said something like: "Help, my stock has fallen, and it can't get up".

It brought a smile to my face and a chuckle. And I thought, thanks, Oldguy, it's the first thing that has been humorous here for some time.

When I went to send a quick thank-you reply, the message had been deleted.

This is an invitation to our censors to please explain why; this was not a personal attack, it was not off-topic, it was a simple effort to make a light-hearted comment about a situation which has become a bit stressful for me, and I would bet for many others here as well. I have read all the fine-print you sent in response to the concerns I posted earlier about deleting messages (thank you, although you didn't address my suggestions), and I can't find any basis for this action. I respectfully ask: "Why?"

My personal opinion is that zealous censoring will/has already lead to stifling participation. Am I the only one who objects to this? I would like to hear from others, am I off base, not representative of the general population? How about you, PK? I've always respected the leadership and even-handedness of your communications here and in your blog.

I think we can come up with a better way; perhaps a quarantine area where those who would like to check out what is being deleted can do so at our own risk, perhaps with any names, obscene words, etc. x'd out. I don't condone obscenity and personal attacks, and I have found most of the posts on Yahoo, Raging bull, etc. to be tasteless, boorish, without redeeming value, except for an occasional embedded nugget. However, the 'ignore' function is very effective, and coupled with a quarantine area that could be virtually invisible except for a quick, occasional check, would allow us to be sure a useful comment was not lost because it was in a message which also had some objectionable content.

Respectfully submitted,

paul storaasli

June 21, 2007 4:04 PM  
Blogger pgs said...

PS to PK,

Re my message a few moments ago, I have received a private message from Mod Squad 2 with the explanation that discussing deleted messages is off topic and only allowed in a private message. Live and learn. Any thoughts you have on the substance of my message would still be appreciated, I feel there is room for improvement... or maybe this is a lost cause...

I apologize for sending these as public posts to your blog, is there a way to send you a private message? Thanks, pgs

June 21, 2007 4:27 PM  
Blogger PK... said...


It is great hearing from you – you can post private messages to me via: electriplast@hotmail.com

Regarding your question of censorship and the iHub, I feel your pain on that and am not extremely happy that it occurs in such a haphazard manner.

Before I get too critical though let me explain the process as it has been explained to me.

Master Administrator

The iHub has a master administrator named Matt. This individual allows responsible entities (usually those who originated/initiated the concept for a specific message board) to become that boards caretaker – screening the wheat from the chaff and enhancing the prospect for a better crop or board content.

Board Caretaker

In following the rules of the road, this act is to be done in a judicious manner. The current board caretaker “GKTIGNOL” has done an admirable job of managing the content – maintaining a fair & balanced attitude, and an even hand in judiciously curtailing content so that the message and focus remains intact while keeping the playground fights down to a bare minimum.

Mod Squad

Unfortunately, while the iHub ITKG message board does have a caretaker, Matt, the iHub master administrator, has given various entities unique permissions and abilities to manipulate the message boards they visit as they choose.

Now while I say this I will note that "Phil (Bullrider)" appears to be one of these entities. I am sure there are others. Why I note this as an unfortunate deal for those visiting the iHub message boards for insight and simply to stay in touch with the issues of the day that interest them – well, it centers on the reason you initially wrote.


With “gktignol” he let all know the ground rules he played by in taking on the responsibility of the ITKG message board caretaker. These are clearly listed on the following link: http://www.investorshub.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=926

Now you have these deputized roving rangers who come on the scene, and with the blessing of the Master Administrator, take control of the boards they visit, censoring on a whim, whatever they choose. The only control being the Master Administrator, who more often that not, sides with his chosen minions as oppose to getting his hands dirty with screening out those who abuse the newfound power bestowed upon them.

So there you have it, censorship, and all of the ugly implications associated, is alive and well – thank you very much – on the ITKG iHub message board.

Do I like it? Hell no.

Is there another solution? Some have rumored that there are alternatives being explored. That is the best I can offer as an answer to that at this time.

In the meantime, take this thought with you.

While you and I might disagree, so long as we can reach a common ground of understanding, there is a chance of learning, and possibly of changing our world-view for the better in the process.

But in the real world, there are some who choose the opposite side of a discussion, simply to be contrary, or simply because there are hidden agendas involved, or past perceived slights which may or may not have occurred.

Now – Imagine if the of this latter group became one of the censoring “Mod Squad”.

That is the rub I feel in dealing with the iHub. While I consider “gktignol” to be a solid contingent in the first scenario, and respect his work and efforts to date… Well, because of the presence of the “Mod Squad” and the slop-shod and indiscriminant actions observed, and experienced by many readers – in my sincere opinion – it simply, and severely diminishes the whole of this message board integrity.

PK sends…

June 22, 2007 2:22 AM  

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