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February 14, 2007

ElectriPlast: "V" is for Valentine or Validation...


of a Thing is

Half the Fun

ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

[ ElectriPlast Blog (EB) Publisher's Note(s): There is substance to this message, to reinforce it though, I would like to share a recent interaction had with one of your fellow EB Readers on 12 Feb 2007.
Supplemental Note for those interested -- the Domino's have begun to fall. According to varied sources, this is merely one of the numerous announcements slated to appear over the coming months. ]

Hi PK:

I was ecstatic to see that ElectriPlast was actually licensed for an actual product or products. I'm wondering what product and in what division the ElectriPlast will be used. Hopefully this will occur in all 3 divisions and in a few different products. Knowles is a solid company and, as I'm sure you are aware, a giant in their field. This is positive, positive news and I was very excited to see this at 6:30 am PST this morning.

In my business, audio recording and performing, we uses Knowles almost 100% for live performance monitoring. U2, Rolling Stones, McCartney and as I said almost everyone uses their In-Ears monitors for live performances all over the world. They are also huge in mini microphones as well as dozens upon dozens of other products including, of course, hearing aids. I'm sure you're waaay ahead of me.

This is a happy day and I think that more than anything it is the beginning of validation to the rest of the world that ElectriPlast will actually be used in real products by a real corporation. This doesn't appear to be a "let's license the product, do many, many months worth of testing, and see what we can use this stuff for".

This is good, however, my opinion is, is that ITKG needs a real press release writer/publicist to help them to make the most of these press releases. They're a little short on fanfare and trumpeting their accomplishments. Everyone wants to be with a winner and around some excitement. For me, this is a big day for this company...

Hope you're well and best wishes to you.

EB Reader, CA

First a Press Release from the Bellingham Herald, 13 Feb 2007:

Breakthrough sale for Integral Technologies

By The Bellingham Herald, 13 Feb 2007

Bellingham-based Integral Technologies has received its first commercial order for a product it has spent years developing.

Knowles Electronics, a major provider of microphones and receivers for the hearing aid industry, will begin using Integral’s proprietary ElectriPlast technology in its products.

Electri Plast is a highly conductive resin-based polymer that can be molded into virtually any shape. The product has the potential to be used in a variety of applications, including antennas, shielding, lighting, circuitry and medical devices, according to the company press release.

Details about the order’s size were not disclosed. Bill Robinson, CEO of the company, said he expects this order to lead to others, and there is the potential that this technology could be used in thousands of Knowles Electronics products.

For more information about Integral Technologies, visit http://www.itkg.net/

Second, with permission of ChangeWave, an exerpt from their latest release 13 Feb 2007:

Extreme Portfolio Integral Technologies [ OTCBB: ITKG ]

By ChangeWave

It's So Commercial

Yesterday, the more speculatively inclined Integral Technology (ITKG) announced its first commercial order. Knowles Electronics -- a provider of microphones and receivers to the hearing health industry -- entered into a licensing agreement with Integral and purchased ITKG's proprietary ElectriPlast technology for use in their products.

Knowles Electronics entered into a licensing agreement with Integral and has purchased its proprietary ElectriPlast technology for use in Knowles' products.
Knowles is a big "playa" in microphones and receivers for the hearing health industry -- they are credited with the miniaturization of the acoustic transducer, which has enabled the design and manufacture of smaller hearing aids.

This deal is emblematic of how Integral is doing business today -- not six months ago. We're told by those who know this deal that from non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to proposal to sample to license -- took six weeks, that's it!

Other deals like this have taken six months or longer. So what's the difference today?

Integral has the Jasper Rubber organization to manufacture and deliver the ElectriPlast pellets immediately and in exact formulations.

Integral now has the capability to rapidly take ElectriPlast in any of its more than 120 patented and patent-pending forms to thousands of companies like Knowles.

Knowles is part of Dover Corp. ($6 billion dollars in annualized sales), which brings us to the second reason why this kind of deal is so important to ITKG.

What we are seeing is the classic Trojan Horse scenario. The little subsidiary who tries ElectriPlast and then tells another bigger division, who tells another and another and, bam! -- hundreds of thousands dollars in royalty revenues turn into millions of dollars.

That's what is so important about the Knowles deal. The lag time between NDA and signed deals has now been cut by up to 90%.

Every major deal is worth about an extra 50 cents per share in valuation -- and Integral is sitting on at least 100 more deals.

Do the math and then take advantage of the dips to accumulate ITKG if you haven't already done so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

PK -

The silence from Intregal has been deafening. It's been a month since the Knowles announcement and nothing has since been posted in the way of news. Heard anything?


March 12, 2007 1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, have you heard anything? I've been waiting very patiently for any small tidbit of news but all has been quite silent.

JB in AZ

March 12, 2007 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most would agree that the wait and not knowing are the hardest parts. I've been a shareholder for quite awhile and their lack of communication with (and seeming lack of concern for) the shareholders is probably my biggest complaint.

March 13, 2007 2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it time for shareholders to unite?

March 13, 2007 3:31 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Hi all,

Before starting, I just wanted to offer an apology for the delay in getting back to those writing here--also for not being present to update the Blog with the latest rumored and real activities taking place behind the scenes.

I was doing some service time to the Government and was pre-occupied with other stuff.

I am back. Unfortunately I have to admit, as some have noted, it has indeed been silent since the Knowles announcement, but that is not to say the momentum behind ElectriPlast has ground to a halt -- far from it.

Last month, I noted that events were to come to a head in a few weeks -- the events are still in play, the cause for the delay is as simple as this. Integral Technologies in pushing their IP to market has to work through and rely on others to meet established benchmarks.

Sounds like an excuse, partially it is, but in reality, that is what has been taking place all along, and why it has taken so long to get to where we are today.

There is the pending expectation of a massive grouping of patents to be released soon. One of these patents is said to be the comprehensive bailiwick which will serve as the basic cover patent for all current and future ElectriPlast, and ElectriPlast-like conductive materials potentially made by other front-runners working to create: conductive plastics; inherently conductive polymers (ICPs); inherently dissipative polymer (IDPs); and other competing polymers.

What else is going on – well, word is Integral Technologies, some of its licensees, and most importantly, the ElectriPlast IP will one day be featured as a reported segment on a nationally syndicated TV program. The details behind this event are shady. When will it air? What specifically was the content focused on? What aspects were covered and did they involve: the management; the marketing plan; the companies involved; the product(s); the inventor; the supply-chain; the investment?

These are all questions yet to be released. What is known is that the filming took place shortly after Valentines Day – but as I mentioned a moment ago, the details back then, as today, were/are too sketchy to make any noteworthy comments on.

Is that all – Far from it…

There is much more. Events continue to progress in Jasper, with plans for JARCO’s expansion in the air.

Other contracts and licensing agreements are close to being announced; and if I am not mistaken a third party testing of the ElectriPlast material is either in progress or has been completed…

There are a number of issues more to follow up on, but this is only my first day back in front of my computer keyboard, and my notes, and the various emails/tip-off leads from fellow shareholders, EB Readers, and other interested parties are scattered, or not yet opened.

That said, give me some time to decompress and I will share what I can then…

Cheers and best regards from Bavaria's St Patrick Party Center,

PK sends…

March 17, 2007 12:03 PM  

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