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May 27, 2007

ElectriPlast: Taking a Moment . . .

By PK,
ElectriPlast Blog (EB) Publisher

The ElectriPlast Blog staff wanted to take a moment to step back from the issues of the day; from politics that divide; and the valid concerns, or optimistic views we may have in common.

We wanted to step back and offer a deserved tribute to those who have fought, and to those who--even on this day--continue to fight for our right to choose.

To remember those who made it possible to place value on the issues we think important; and to offer a tribute to those in uniform today -- the Fathers', the Mothers', our Sons, and Daughters; all of the men and women in uniform today, working hard and standing ever ready to defend our freedoms.

Speaking on behalf of the EB,

Best of Memorial Day wishes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even as a kid at the park I didn't enjoy the slide...Me thinks the natives are getting restless...at some point no news is NOT good news...everyone knows the risks in micro land, but one has to wonder...is there a happy ending to this story or just another hyped "could have been"?
Frustrated in Frisco

June 21, 2007 9:01 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

Frustrated in Frisco ~

You are definitely not alone in your sentiment. Hundreds upon hundreds of your fellow shareholders, I am certain, feel the same.

The unfortunate thing about this whole thing is, at this time, I only have rumors to share via the EB -- not the solid insight that Integral Technologies has and should make available. As the Publisher for the EB, I personally am reluctant to share more “rumor-based” than I have to date. The company is supposed to be the source of news, and that news is meant to validate rumors, not the other way around. When the flow of news is halted (for whatever reasons) it diminishes the character of the offered rumors.

There is that, and the simple fact that I also don’t want to place this forum into a position where it can be accused of one-sided, shamelessly hyping prospects and potentials while there is a dearth of information released and available to support the story offered.

“The happy ending to this story…”

There is one small rumor I will share: The information flow will improve shortly.

My confidence factor on that -- equals a big fat question mark, but I am aware of some (actually a number of) issues that could, and which should be presented as news today.

Sources, some proven & some new and untested, note numerous items of interest: taking place at JARCO; involving pending movement of the ElectriPlast IP; and involving management evolutions on the horizon.

“…hyped could have been?”

Regarding the completion of that sentence, I feel confident that this is not a hype scenario, but because the only insights I am getting at this time are rumor-based, and because I don't control the release of corporate information, I can only keep my own counsel on this point.

In saying that, I feel your frustration with the dichotomy taking place.

News is happening and should be readily available -- for whatever reason, it just simply is not making it out beyond Integral's clutches...

PK sends...

June 22, 2007 1:38 AM  

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