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August 07, 2007

ElectriPlast: Did Someone Say Purchase Orders?




By EBJ Magazine -
Shop-Talk, 7 Aug 2007

Focus turns to Jasper....

I have one word for you: ElectriPlast

A story that appeared in the July issue of EBJ and on the magazine’s Web site (ebj.biz) has caught the attention of investors around the nation.

The story was about a new electrically conductive, resin-based material called ElectriPlast. The product recently moved into commercialization stages at Jasper (Ind.) Products (JARCO).

The new material was developed by Integral Technologies (OTCBB:ITKG) of Bellingham, Wash. Investors had been waiting since at least 2004 for the new product to move into the commercialization stage.

The widespread interest took Doug Mathias, president and CEO of JARCO, by surprise. His phone started ringing with calls from interested investors.

Integral recently chose JARCO to be the sole company to pelletize the material for worldwide use.

The contract is expected to mean significant growth for JARCO. The company currently serves about 600 customers in automotive, electrical, appliance, filtration and other markets.

“The implications of the technology are vast, if they can be proven,” John Frena of Pittsburgh., Pa., a private pilot, told an EBJ reporter after reading the recent article. It could change the aviation industry, he said.

ElectriPlast is light weight, less costly and takes less time to produce than copper and aluminum. Those features have attracted interest from the U.S. military and aerospace programs and numerous other industries, said Mathias and Integral officials.

The potential growth for JARCO is really good news for all of JARCO’s 407 employees. JARCO has been a 100 percent employee-owned company since 2002 when it converted to the current Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Under the plan, each employee — from the CEO down to the housekeeper — owns a piece of the company. Mathias said each employee will share proceeds from the ElectriPlast pellet sales.

“We will get to participate in every pound of ElectriPlast sold in the world,” he said.

As the licensee and manufacturer, JARCO currently is producing ElectriPlast for use in smaller applications for the heating industry and U.S. military, Mathias said.

JARCO is also working on prototypes for use by up to 17 different industries.

“We’re very close to some electrical applications. Tooling will have to be made before we kick them off to production,” Mathias said.

“We’re now doing lots of prototyping and testing for which we have purchase orders,” he added.

Mathias said all the results so far have been positive.


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