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August 06, 2007

ElectriPlast: Synergy--Direction of the Future. . .


the Future

ElectriPlast Blog (EB)

Bringing the future into the present so that JARCO can do something about it now...

While investors analyze (or second guess) the meaning of the latest SEC form 8-K highlighting the recent Integral Technologies agreement with Jasper Rubber Company (JARCO), this article takes shareholders in another direction; the future of our investment.

ElectriPlast is one of the many emerging Inherently Conductive Polymers (ICP). Integral and JARCO are of the opinion that the host of other ICP’s cannot match the capabilities of ElectriPlast. With that as a business objective, these two companies formed a partnership to allow ElectriPlast to take on the emerging and increasingly important ICP market.

Now, the proof behind that statement will come in the form of sales – small at first, but ever-increasing. The validity of that statement will also be demonstrated when the marketplace uses ElectriPlast as a basis for their own niche technologies. Moreover, many products will take on ElectriPlast's "disruptive" characteristics in their respective industries.

Think back to the technology spin-off’s since the space race between the US and the Soviets in the late 1950's and 1960’s. Over 1,400 NASA inventions have since been commercialized and have benefited nearly every sector of manufacturing. Without that jump-start, the today's world would be a far different place. The digital watch you wear, the Microwave oven you use, the “space-aged” medicines you take, even the way we look at our world, communicate, or interact would be different. On the simplest level – everything you enjoy and take for granted, likely came from spin-off’s of the space-race of the 1960’s.

At the time, those involved didn’t have the slightest clue as to what impact the new technologies would have on the future of mankind. It was the market place that recognized the niche these technologies would fill.

It would be bold for me to say that ElectriPlast is headed down the same path, but there are those with a vision of the future who are more qualified to speak to the potential of ICPs (ElectriPlast, if you will) and the future.

The two links below do just that. One, I have featured before – it is a short video of Dr. Lynn Loo from the University of Austin, Texas. While she is working on the potential of ICP’s, unlike ElectriPlast, she is focused on working on a chemical solution to this emerging technology. Though the good doctor is working along parallel lines, that does little to discount the future she describes in this video.


The second link is to a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Written by Mark Roth, this article covers Carnegie Mellon University Professor and vice president of research, Dr. Richard McCullough, and his thoughts on the future of ICP’s.


Both the linked video and the article are worth taking the time to review, and doing so will give you an understanding why CEO Doug Mathias, the Board of Directors, and the 900-strong staff of employee-owned JARCO solidly support the commercialization of ElectriPlast. Where you and I see the “now,” they see the future – and they expect to take a leading role in the creation of that future.

In the not too distant future, your thinner, more durable ElectriPlast-based digital watch; the energy-efficient ElectriPlast-based Microwave oven; even the self-powered ElectriPlast-based medical monitors in your hospital; the Electriplast-based wallpaper & LED lighting in your homes; the light weight layers of ElectriPlast-based plastic-on-plastic (vice plastic-on-glass) laminated solar panels; the laminated TV & larger portable more versatile PDA/PPC/GPS device screens; the e-newspapers, maps--most other things imaginable and almost within reach now. All of these will likely come from spin-off’s of disruptive ICP’s, with ElectriPlast, the supply-chain visionaries at Jasper Rubber Company, and us, the investors behind this vision--leading the way, while blazing a path toward an eager marketplace's greater wealth through Purchase Orders.

[EB Editor Vince S. contributed to this article.]


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