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May 12, 2008

ElectriPlast: A Limited Supply of Copper for a Demanding World


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By Vince S.
ElectriPlast Blog Editor

[Blognote: Copper, the second most conductive metal (after silver), was featured in a number of recent articles related to copper’s increasing demand and its soaring price. One article predicted a world shortage of copper in the next two decades; another explored the extensive use of copper in automotives, electrical generation, motors and other conveniences; yet another pointed to the soaring economies in emerging markets and their demand for electricity as a factor in the depletion of copper. Clearly, ElectriPlast cannot replace the worldwide demand for copper; however, given our array of patents and the timely appearance of these articles, ElectriPlast appears to be at the juncture of a ‘perfect storm’ of opportunity.]

Moving Up on the Commodities Market!

Commodities (oil, copper, gold, silver, et al.) play such a critical role in commerce that it is impossible to understate their importance. While new oil fields are being discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, Baja California, off the coast of Brazil and in other parts of the world, it is rare when new copper deposits of significance are discovered. Due to high demand in rapidly expanding nations like Brazil, Russia, India, and China (the BRIC economies according to Goldman Sachs), copper, is being consumed at an alarming rate.

China, the largest consumer of copper, used about 9 billion pounds in 2007, a 9% increase over 2006. Moreover, according to Morgan Stanley, the Middle Kingdom will spend about $350 billion to expand its electrical capacity in the next two years. That will place an additional demand on copper reserves, and we all know the economics of the supply and demand theory. The price of copper has soared 400% since 2003. Worst yet, commodity traders expect the price of copper to reach $8 to $10 per pound in the next decade, reflecting a premium on availability. And don’t forget about the infrastructure needs (power, transportation, telecommunications, water, etc.) of the BRIC economies. They will need copper, copper and more copper. Yet copper reserves are not unlimited. To the contrary, studies suggest that there are not enough reserves to meet even today’s demands beyond the next several decades. Also, recycling isn’t the answer because copper for electrical and electronic uses dominate the US market, but fully 26% of copper products are lost in landfills!

So despite sizeable reserves in US and Chilean deposits, are we just decades away from the end of the 10,000 year old copper “boom”?

What Does this Have to Do With ElectriPlast?

Clearly, ElectriPlast can not reverse the depletion of copper reserves on the planet, nor can it replace many uses for copper; however, as a less expensive conductor of electrical current, ElectriPlast just might extend the life of this amazing metal by serving as a potent substitute for many applications including the following.

--The average new home in America consumes 400 pounds of copper.
--Each new conventional automobile uses about 50 pounds of copper; hybrids like the Ford Escape use close to 250 pounds of copper.
-- Boeing uses 9,000 pounds of copper in each Jumbo Jet; lesser amounts in smaller jets.
--A locomotive engine uses about 16,000 pounds of copper.
--New power grids (think BRIC) require millions of yards of electrical cables.

Extrapolated worldwide, these numbers are even more astounding. It is here at the intersection of supply, demand and expediency that ElectriPlast will make a difference. The automotive sector, for instance, is ready for ElectriPlast.


It’s in the numbers!

What Numbers?

There are over one billion people in the world who earn enough to be able to afford a car or light truck. They currently drive, curse, crash and buy the 700 million cars on the world’s highways, cloverleaf’s, beltways, secondary thoroughfares, paved roads and bumpy, potholed trails. Moreover, if Tata Motors of India delivers on its promise of a $2500 four-passenger car, automotives on the world’s thoroughfares will increase dramatically as will the squeeze on fuel, the environment, the quality of life and the planet’s resources. Some experts expect India to overtake the US as the world's largest car market by 2038; China will do so ten years sooner). But as the BRIC nations go, so will the demand on copper as well as the energy required to producing the components that go into an automotive conveyance.

Given this scenario, why wouldn’t companies like Ford, GM and Chrysler want to get out in front of these daunting issues by reducing their hybrid load of 250 pounds of copper by using a conductive plastic like ElectriPlast? It makes sense anyway you look at it. Copper is expensive and getting more so each year. It is a major product in a legacy locomotion system that, for environmental and other reasons, is ready to be replaced.

Whether it is the automotive industry, the power generation sector or any of the other numerous industries in which Integral Technologies has patents, this company is situated to make the most their technology.

The Last Line on the Ledger

Wire harnesses, battery plates, battery cables, audio wire or power grid cable wire, rugged laptops or any other application, we are truly at a juncture of an opportunity. Many companies are interested in this technology and that will become apparent shortly.

Shareholders are advised to use their conscience to determine if they have the ability to hang tough on this unique opportunity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very real thoughts on copper Vince.

Since no one, other then an NDA, has seen the Electriplast wire, my question is;
Copper wire and cabling, whether very thin or very thick is bendable and adaptable. It can be wound around things and bent into odd shapes in order to fit into it's surroundings as needed. This is important for engines, harnesses, outlets in a house, electronic gadgets, and just about anywhere or in anything that wire is used. The fact that it can be bent is a huge part of what wire does. Is the Electriplast wire bendable like copper? Perhaps it does indeed conduct like copper but is the finished product like a wire or cable? Are we talking about a molded stiff piece of plastic or a soft bendable silicone/rubberized piece of plastic?

I sure wish that the Electriplast.com site would be open and filled with all sorts of information regarding these possible products and uses. We are all just dancing in the dark. A window for the world, including us who have backed this dream with our money, to experience all the possibilites that EP has is needed now.

Vince, can't you and the boys get ITKG to open up their site and fill it with some real info other then Patent filings?

May 12, 2008 6:39 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

Anonymous --

I know you pointed your question towards Vince, at the moment he is traveling the airways and asked me to offer a response.

Though not seen because I too do not hold an NDA, the answer to your question can readily be found in the approved patent information--a source we use to fact-check the lion share of insight offered here in the EB, but this is merely "a" source, not the only one available.

So, in saying that, I can offer a resounding YES to your first question. Compounds of ElectriPlast can be extruded for rigidness or flexibility, dependent on the clients’ requirements. Further, JARCO has perfected certain capabilities allowing them to shape extruded ElectriPlast product in the form of wire and cabling, and these capabilities have won over prospective clients wholesale.

In regards to your question on getting Integral to finally open their teaser website. That is an object we have no real control over, though a number of your fellow shareholders have not forgotten and continue to remind Integral to act on this very point.

It will happen soon though. My thoughts are that a possible tripwire triggering the opening of this "teaser" website might be a Purchase Order event. If that is the case, realize that this is no excuse for past failure in communication that Integral displayed.

Moreover on behalf of Integral's share/stakeholders your question is a certain indicator that simply reinforces the ongoing need for installing an Integral Board of Directors (BoD), which would be far more aware, open, responsive and reactive over that which is present today.

PK (for Vince) sends...

May 13, 2008 8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you PK. You said, "JARCO has perfected certain capabilities allowing them to shape extruded ElectriPlast product in the form of wire and cabling, and these capabilities have won over prospective clients wholesale".

PK how do you indeed know that, "These capabilities have won over prospective clients wholesale"??? No disrespect to you, I too am a shareholder and want nothing more then total success, but how do you know that prospective clients have been won over by this new type of wire technology?

May 13, 2008 10:53 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Anonymous --

No disrespect taken--I would be asking the same questions were I you... Unfortunately, I'll take a step back from that comment for the moment.

This is not because the statement is faulty, but because the response you desire would prove to be an "other" source-related offering.

Any further reply might serve to compromise that proven channel of insight.

PK sends...

May 13, 2008 5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know what you claim to "know" without breaching insider regulations? If you "know ", why don't the rest of the long term shareholders know? Who is providing you guys information at the exclusion of the rest of the legitimate shareholders. After all, this is a public company. You frequently write as though you have facts that have not been substantiated or published . Reading patent papers may provide a source of speculation of some real products at some point but we have all been waitng a very long time for this to be proven real and commercial .

If as and when this happens how do think those who got tired of waiting for clarification and sold their stock ( possibly at a loss) will react if this launches and they miss out due to corporate communications. May they not seek retribution ? Or those who may be buying on speculation due to the fuzzification of what is actually real. It's all just plain poor.

May 13, 2008 11:04 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

Anonymous --

Your points are valid. I've already withdrawn that comment from the table. I am not attempting to lead or mislead. Note--once you raised that line of questioning--I quickly responded to step away from the implied train of thought, or its potential knock-off implications.

I understand--trust me, I really do understand--the frustration associated to the information flow, and to being an ITKG shareholder. There are things that I don't know, as there are things that you and the rest of the shareholders are unaware of.

Realize though that this is not an single effort. The EB attracts a cadre of individuals who are focused on a similar goal -- ITKG. Each brings unique perspectives and added value with their participation.

That said, realize also that the EB does not make the news, but rather reports it based on released news, public information and opinion.

Now, I could simply point the finger for fuzzy speculation at Integral...really, it would be a very easy thing to do. In this instance though I won't. What was offered remains valid. The comment you focused on after my initial response was withdrawn from the discussion specifically because I choose not to add to the "fuzzification" you identified.

I hope that helps,

PK sends...

May 14, 2008 7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PK, I for one appreciate you taking the "high road" on this one. Many pseudo-longs have appeared over the years in a veiled attempt to malign the messenger, when the real energy of their angst ought to be directed at Integral. After all, if they were more forth-coming with their shareholders versus playing this cat and mouse game of blind man's bluff we'd all be better off.

May 15, 2008 4:35 AM  

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