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September 16, 2007

ElectriPlast: An Open Letter to the Blog...


to the


By: EB Reader “ITKG Hopeful”

I am ready for this thing to pop.

I first purchased in August 1999. It was a really totally different stock than that to which ITKG has now metamorphosed. I really didn't know a great deal about antennas, but liked the idea of being able to surreptitiously track stolen vehicles. I knew very little as well about the land of penny stocks. But since I had little more than pennies to invest, I had to start somewhere. I invested in that era where stock speculation was popular, and a number of those speculative stocks were pennies, most of which went belly-up, but there were a few which held out.

I was thrilled when our stock hit the $6-7 dollar range and a fool to not have sold. But I was admittedly overly influenced in those days by people saying, "hold on, hold on," while selling themselves.

I was wondrously naive.

Maybe I still am...but I don't feel that way. I have read and read and read thousands of hours of research on any and everything I could get my hands on. I have come to see stock boards in a far more realistic and wary light. Wonderful information and leads are to be had there, but with the understanding that those submitting posts are almost always self-serving in nature. This is okay, as long as you understand that as you approach them.

I have also come to understand that one of the really BIG drawbacks to penny stocks is the remoteness that management generally tends to take in terms of communicating with shareholders.

Few CEO's of pennies seem frankly to give a hoot about shareholders other than to perceive them as a means to their own ends. It's the nature of pennies to be less accountable, and to have managers with less-skill in selling a product than coming up with an idea. And there is a very, very long road between an idea and the guys who want to buy the idea. No matter what time-line management gives, you can COUNT on it being probably 3 times that long.

No point in getting in a dither. It just takes a LONG-long time to bring an idea to market. And of course because of that long time frame sometimes a new contender does an end-run around you and gets to market first...it is the risk of the penny stock.

Nevertheless, and having said all that, I am happier now than I have ever been with this investment, and I am personally convinced we are ready to make some money. It seems we have laid a formidable foundation with an award-winning product, in the hands of an employee-owned company with a track record. Jasper Rubber would not have allocated one of their three plants to production unless they intend to do a bang up business in ElectriPlast pellets.* They simply are too knowledgeable, too financially exposed, and too in-touch with other venues to have made these major commitments without anticipation of making some major money with ElectriPlast. Till we had this connection, we really had nothing. But now I believe we have something of true substance. I now have WAY more of this stock than in my wildest imagination I would have ever believed possible. I do not really feel a need for any more buying opportunities.

Let's make some money.

I believe the first contract of any substance will move us in reach of NASDAQ and when that happens, I look for a nearly immediate double. And then I think we will have to have a stock split because the shares will be tightly held and in some considerable demand. I would not be surprised to see a 3 for 1 rather than a 2 for one split. If we have the wondrous product we hope, we will not stay in double digits long...but double digits will do me fine. I do have more stock than I had ever thought possible.

I am ready to tango -- I don't know how actually -- but I could attempt some kind of facsimile.

Thank you all for your help these many years.

* Publisher’s Note: JARCO devotes a portion of one of its three plants to the production of ElectriPlast. Using a process called Autonomation, which Toyota Motors also uses to streamline production, fewer personnel can produce more products. Autonomation transfers a level of human intelligence to automated production lines by enabling sensors to stop the line if a single defective part or errant process takes place.

[EB Publisher PK and Editor Vince S. contributed to this article.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you comment on ITKG's protection of its IP on an international basis. Do the Company's current patents only apply to the United States?

September 26, 2007 7:43 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

Sorry to be so long in getting back to your question -- it was not an intentional slight -- more it's that the Oktober Fest "is", well after this weekend, "was" reigning here, and much of my downtime right now is spent with friends and showing visiting family the sights and sounds of Bavaria...

In regards to your question, and it is a very astute one, I believe Integral's lawyers filed the appropriate copyrights to protect their Intellectual Property (IP)...

The following from [ http://www.buyusa.gov/harrisburg/ipr.html ] should help in answering your question a bit more thoroughly...

"Copyrights: A copyright protects original works of authorship. In the United States, this protection gives the owner the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, or perform or display the work publicly.

No “international copyright” provides universal protection for your work throughout the world. However, securing copyright protection has been greatly simplified under international copyright treaties and conventions, such as the Berne Convention and the WTO TRIPS Agreement. In most countries, including the United States, registration is typically not required. A small number of countries, however, offer little or no protection for the works of foreign nationals. Ultimately, copyright protection depends on national law. Before publishing a work anywhere, it is advisable to investigate the scope of protection available, as well as the specific legal requirements for copyright protection in countries in which protection is desired.

To learn more about copyrights, visit the U.S. Copyright Office website10 or call (202) 707-5959 to speak with a copyright information specialist. Certain users can also register a copyright electronically using the U.S. Copyright Office CORDS Electronic Registration System11."

Hope that helped in resolving this concern. If you have any other question, please feel free to ask, or better still (since I am doing this pro-bono, let those who are paid to address shareholder concerns share in the wealth and earn their pay and) contact the company's Investor Relations at 604.685.9933

PK sends...

October 06, 2007 10:10 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Yeah, I know, I offered information based on copyrights and not patents.

Suffice it to say--the principles are the same as are the resources offered...

I gravatated toward the copyright zone because as a publisher that is my normal concern. I simply cut and pasted the wrong portion of the referenced site's passage...

So, let me change my statement by saying this...

"In regards to your question, and it is a very astute one, I believe Integral's lawyers filed the appropriate "patents" to protect their Intellectual Property (IP)"...

Cheers and best -- PK sends...

October 08, 2007 6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oct. 8, 2007

I have been a stockholder for almost a year now, and was excited to hear that Jasper will be manufacturing the product as I am a Jasper native. I am not the most financially savvy person out there, but I have a strong grasp on the potential of the product electriplast. I have been reading your blog for some time now, and enjoy your enthusiasm and knowledge on this subject.

Would you please explain in more laymen terms what the quarterly financial statements mean, and how they may affect the stock. I have noticed that Integral is not bringing in a positive income. I realize that they are heavily into research and development, but right now, are there any indications in their reports that would indicate the status or soundness of their company.

As always, any information would be greatly appreciated.


October 08, 2007 6:06 PM  

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