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February 05, 2008

ElectriPlast: Commercialization Progress Report...



to Change


By © 2008 BusinessWire
February 5, 2008 04:35 PM ET

Redefined Plastic Breaks the Manufacturing Mold

In the world of high tech, on the top everyone's wish list are the words smaller, cheaper, and lighter. That bell rings loud and clear from the end-user down to the design and engineering teams assigned to create next generation products.

What if inexpensive, lightweight plastic were capable of conducting electricity?

Thomas Aisenbrey, Inventor and General Manager for Bellingham-based Integral Technologies, may have discovered an epochal building block that has the potential to revolutionize the design world.

Moldable Conductive Plastics, or Electriplast, is a polymer blend that can be used to conduct electricity or as an antenna. In other words, this plastic advance could end up being a stand-alone replacement for metals in virtually every electronics device.

"ElectriPlast is a proprietary recipe capable of creating a vast family of highly conductive polymers," explains CEO William Robinson. "These can be molded into virtually any shape or dimension that any other plastic, rubber, or other polymer can be molded into."

The idea seems simple: free designers from the constraints that have previously hindered them by providing an able alternative to metals. ElectriPlast does what no plastic has done before, it can carry electrical currents as capably as copper. ElectriPlast consists of small pellets of plastic-wrapped metal fibers that, when poured into a hot molding machine and shaped, may help streamline production of all electronics. There are more than 118 patents filed around the product and its use.

To grasp the breadth of the ElectriPlast potential, one would need to take apart any electronics device: at the core of the fundamental product design, one invariably finds copper or metal being used to carry electrical current.

"Ask any design team about the use of plastic as a replacement for copper in these applications and most will say it can't be done," says Aisenbrey. "That is until they experience a demonstration," says Aisenbrey, who after spending years in his laboratory perfecting hundreds of formulations and blends of the material has actively begun showcasing ElectriPlast.

With their official manufacturing partner, Jasper Rubber Products, Integral is currently working to apply their innovations toward the creation of antennas, apparel, appliances, audio & visual devices, automotive products, batteries, cables, computers, electrical and heating systems, and more.

For more information visit www.itkg.net. Contact Information: IRG for Integral Technologies, Inc. Mike Graff, 212-825-3210


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense, because I do enjoy the blog and appreciate all your efforts in maintaining it, but the last few articles are like today’s press release – a rehash of stale, old info. I think most of us understand the appeal of the technology and that Jasper is the driving force in this relationship now (thank goodness). And those that are new to Integral, and just getting up to speed, can simply read through your prior entries like the rest of us have done.

But finding new ways to phrase the same message of promise isn’t really adding anything at this point. We get it already. It all starts to seem like Groundhog’s Day, waking up to the same suggestion of promise and potential, played out in slightly different ways, but with the same result of no sales contracts and seemingly no progress (or agonizingly lethargic progress). What’s it been…over 14 months since Integral announced Jasper as the official supplier and we have yet to see a sale?! Incredible. It’s amazing that after 14 months all we keep hearing is promise and potential. Geez, enough already, how about some tangible results!

February 06, 2008 1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a one time long-term holder I agree. Year after year, promise after promise...
At least one can still make money on the stock with well timed short sales, such as today when the stock jumps 23% on an article release with news that we've all heard for the last 5 years. Sometimes opportunity comes in different forms.

February 06, 2008 3:36 AM  
Anonymous casual observer said...

I've been paying attention to elecriplast and this blog for awhile now, for my own enjoyment. It seems that after every press release, business wire, or fluctuation of stock price, someone responds on this blog to complain about empty promises and unhappy shareholders. I just wanted to say a couple things. One, why would anyone complain to someone who is merely relaying information for his or her own personal reasons (i.e. the author of this blog). Why don't you go directly to Integral or Jasper Rubber? What good does it do to continue to come to this blog and just complain? Don't get me wrong, feel free to do so, but i'm just curious as to what you are hoping to accomplish? It sure doesn't affect the stock price. Perhaps you just want to vent.

Two, Now i'm not a financial/business guru by any means, but it seems to me that people expect this product to explode overnight. I know the knowledge and potential of electriplast has been on the table for a few years now, and people get frustrated when their stock doesn't perform like they expected. People have every right to be frustrated. But has this product not made it from just a mere discovery to manufacturing in a matter of a few years? Why do people hold such lofty standards for this product? Just that fact alone brings me some solace in the matter.

In the meantime, i'll wait. If it goes under, oh well, bad investment. If it takes off, great, i've made money. But you can't deny the intrigue, potential, and positive steps Electriplast has already taken.

February 06, 2008 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manufacturing must mean something different to the prior blogger. Just because you've entered into an agreement with a "manufacturer" doesn't indicate that a product has entered into the manufacturing phase. In my book, manufacturing indicates large scale production and includes a "buyer" (corporation, government, individual, etc.) of the product being manufactured. Time is money my friends.

February 06, 2008 8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The newest PR is just pure salt in the wound that this PR left.

Looks like we have many more years and years of this as R&D takes a long long long time. Thought that we were closer.

February 07, 2008 6:08 PM  

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