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May 30, 2008

ElectriPlast: A Shareholders Open Letter...




are Calling...

By An ITKG Shareholder
29 May 2008

Publisher's Note: Below is a letter from one of your fellow shareholders, presented (with permission) as an Open Letter to the management of Integral Technologies in Bellingham, Washington. This passage is the continued interaction from the comments page, at the bottom of the last article posted (linked here).

If you sense a similar chord of truth in the words of this shareholder, then by all means, feel free to allow your voices to resonate in unison as you reach out to, and demand better from the company that has lagged in its responsibilities to you. The same company that you, as an investor, have a valid stakeholder ownership in. PK sends...

I agree with you a 1000% PK.

We the shareholders are basically ignored and often treated like garbage. Why?? We are the people helping to pay everybody's salary and bonus day in and day out year after year after year. We believe and support TA's dream. That is why we are here, Tom's dream. That is the reason I first became involved.

Many of us have supported this revolutionary technological creation for many, many, years with most of those years spent in a dark communication-less oblivion. Why?? We are not the bashers and day traders, we are the believers. We are the supporters. We buy the shares on the open markets and are not privy to the 1/2 price Private Placements. We are the real shareholders. The believers. Day after day after day.

Why is there no energy, warmth, and excitement surrounding this company? Why is there not a brilliant hi tech ElectriPlast.com website, up and functioning to enlighten the world? One filled with pictures and possible EP uses with all of the electricity and excitement that a technology like this possesses? We know that there is an ElectriPlast.com. Why is it not open to the world?

I was promised over a year ago, by IR, that the Discovery Channel piece would be on the current website to be shared with the world. Why is it not there??

A year ago we were all promised that 3rd party testing results would be announced. Where are they? Why doesn't the world know just how great these various formulations conduct electricity? We don't desire to know the secret formulations. We just want the world to know how revolutionary this stuff is. Why must one sign an NDA in order to receive the stats of how the EP conducts using copper or aluminum or how it conducts heat or RF signals, or WiFi, etc.

We're the shareholders, we're the believers, we would like to know the various stats and if they truly are what I believe them to be, then why can't the entire world know??

How would such positive news negatively affect the presentation to prospective clients of EP? How would sharing great product statistics harm this company or it's IP?

Wouldn't such positive stats create a tidal wave of excitement??

During the last year and a half our share price has gone from $4.00 to $.70 yet many of us are still here because of TA's dream and the true possibilities of just what a compound like this could do for the world. Personally, I'm still here because of the whole-hearted involvement of Jasper Rubber. This company's total involvement is the thread of hope for me. Yet we are shareholders of ITKG and it is the fiduciary responsibility of ITKG, not Jasper, to keep us informed and to answer some of our questions. We just want to continue to believe, to support, and to play a teeny tiny part in the ElectriPlast story. I have invested a lot of money (and angst) in Tom's dream and rather then feel a part of something big and revolutionary I feel cold, distant, and a part of nothing.

I fear that our next official press release will be announcing another dilution of shares in the form of another Private Placement (of which most all of us LL's will not be asked to participate in).



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