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August 05, 2006

ElectriPlast - The Visionary's View

Calm Passions &

Instant Success

ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

The following is in response to an inquiry from an ElectriPlast Blogship (EB) reader regarding the events timetable, and certainty surrounding the capabilities of the ElectriPlast material...

The public word from the company is that 2006 is the go-to-market year, and that next year we should see clear proof of that happening.

The reality is, snippets of these events have happened, and continue to occur. There is:

  • The recent NPE Conference Invitation;

  • The Heatron contract, and

  • The various additional analysts coming on board.

Just as one sees storm clouds, hears thunder and sees the lightening, one can also make the supposition that they will give way to rain. So it is with "proof of things happening" and the aforementioned "public word from the company" on things giving way to a prosperous 2007.

The rest-of-the-story centers on finalizing a number of criteria and the hard taught lessons of the past which the company needed to address before going to market--lessons which, by-the-way, have not been lost on them...

First -- resolve all pending legal actions -- if you review the news from the past two years, you will find that that is what was occurring. Whether there was a possibility that someone could lay legal claims against Integral, or there were patent concerns, in-house issues and the like that needed to be addressed and resolved before the company could consider moving forward. To the best of my knowledge, all past legal issues have been resolved--Preston, Gates & Ellis LLP has built a virtual fortress around Integral's ElectriPlast IP. In essence, they are taking care of, and will continue to address and defend against any present and future issues involving ElectrPlast.

Second -- resolve the supply-chain issues -- wherever you look, you get the sense that the company principals have been traveling. More, they have been making inroads on the supply chain issues: manufacturing, legal, patents, marketing, and networking-in-general. QuanStar and a number of other agreements support that game plan.

Third -- build a solid financial footing as we go to market -- the proxy vote centers as the most recent initiative on that front. Then there are the noted plans to move beyond the OTCBB to a more stable, orderly market--one where the market makers agenda does not curry so vast an influence over the daily price per share movement.

Fourth -- closing some of the long established licensing agreements -- some companies have been test bedding ElectriPlast materials for something like 4 years now. One might ask--if they have had the material for so long, why is there not a product on the streets. The answer, it is for the same reason that NASA doesn't launch prototype rockets for actual space missions. According to reports from the 6 June 2006 meeting in Jasper, Bill Robinson and Tom Aisenbrey noted that some of these companies are well known Fortune 100/500 entities. Once the names of any of these companies are associated to the ElectriPlast product--well, that will:

  • Satisfy the question of garnering attention,
  • Justify the reasons for taking Integral beyond the OTCBB, and
  • Most importantly, put ITKG's stock on the map.

Even still, no one can truly predict the market, or the times surrounding the emergence of a new product. It's like predicting that the "Pet Rock" would take off as it did. No one in his or her right mind at the time would have guessed.

The best advice I can offer to those who are clamoring for something to happen is sit back and enjoy the ride. Either you have a sense that this is a real thing, or you don't. My Blog is presented in a fashion to give you a peek at what is possible, but this is an investment fraught with pitfalls and controversy. Let's call "it" what "it" really is, it's an OTCBB Penny Stock. Yes, we are talking a product under a stock system, which is considered by all reasonable parties as a venture that is as speculative as hell--speculative, and just as potentially rewarding.

What is going to happen will happen, whether you want it to occur faster, or in a different sequence. The four items I listed above scratch at the surface of the things that have taken place behind the scenes and bought us to this point here and now. Because I realize the history associated, I can afford to take a longer view -- the best advice I can offer after that is to let you in on the real secret.

"You have to have a vision as to what is possible when it comes to conductive plastics."

If you have read my Blog, then you have a clue, but the following video link--also in the Blog--should help to calm your passions for instant success, and at the same time, offer a glimmering vision of the future.


Cheers and best,

PK sends...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the company seems to have a good solid three year track record of stating quite convincingly that there is something just about to happen. Yet here the story goes again, we're just minutes away from inking a deal with and actual product, and the stock is taking off, again. Again. What's to say this is the real time?

August 23, 2006 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also wondering what's going on. The stock is taking off but will it soon fall back? When will more patents be approved and will a deal ever be approved? Internet searches provide very few clues as to what's going on. What is driving this stock up? Promises?

August 25, 2006 1:31 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Actually, those great questions.

In response, I would say that the Patents are the key factor in this event over all else.

In prior years, the company acknowledged openly that they were in a development phase. Development means just that, testing & validating -- and not just the product, but the markets they had intentions to exploit.

While it is true, this could have taken off years earlier, one thing had always held that momentum back -- the lack of Patents. Actually that is not quite correct, and I'll amend myself now to note that history and lessons learned along the path also contributed.

As I noted in previous blogs and in commentaries to those who emailed, Integral had a legal tussle over their initial WiFi/Bluetooth market venture years back -- their micro-antennas, reputed to be some of the best on the market.

A legal attempt at blackmail by IAS Communications, a one-time partner to Integral Technologies curbed ITKG's initial attempt to go to market, just as the wireless niche market was starving for their promised contribution. By the time Integral won the lawsuit, the market had saturated with a number of other competitive antenna products.

During that lawsuit, Integral's Tom Aisenbrey invented the ElectriPlast material, calling it Plastenna--because that was their primary focus at the time. Over time, they uncovered a myriad of other potentials to this material and began developing them.

But that is another story. Going back to the main point -- after the development process began, the company leadership thought to further their efforts by mentoring under GE. This brief marriage did not work out, and lead to a relationship with DuPont. DuPont, after realizing the potential and value of ElectriPlast, acted inappropriately with their NDA (non disclosure agreement) access.

With that, Integral pushed in earnest the ongoing process of exploring and garnering patents for each discovered process that ElectriPlast excelled at. It was a blessing in disguise in that both the management and the inventor were forced to look beyond the box and discover multiple potentials beyond the antenna aspect.

It was then that the company announced that it was becoming a Plastics' company.

Since then they have worked, in conjunction with PG&E--over IP protection issues and those patent concerns--and are literally ready to go forward both on the civilian side of the market, and through QuanStar, the military side.

What is to say that it is real this time -- I got no answer for you because that would be leading!

Understand that this is still a penny stock – risks, losses and potential benefits & windfall profits all added into the mix.

If you invested here, and have a sense as to the potential, then you are aware of the heights to which this company and its promising IP could reach.

If not, then I would recommend cashing out and watching from the sidelines -- but stand back.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, this is a forward progressing story, and it will continue with or without you being present...

PS -- What is driving this stock up is the same thing that put it on your radar. There is a good story with great potentials and possibilities associated. If it sounds plausible, and people are willing to believe then they will invest.

If it sounds plausible, and people can sense the reality behind the story, then they will invest.

If it sounds plausible, and people can see the product in action and sense the reality presented by their eyes, then they will invest.

While it is true, a number of companies have test bedded the product for their own use, they are not the only entities in creation with an NDA with the Integral -- nor are they the only ones who have seen for themselves the reality behind this investment.

There is a large amount of money being traded on this company, I find it hard to believe that this story is so widely spread that so many hundreds of thousands of people are out there, on a weekly basis--in the blind--forking down three bucks and change just to see their investment go through on the stock ticker. In other words, I would assume that some entity or another has seen the product for themselves and as a result decided to invest a chunk of their own change based on their observations.

I would assume that with the more companies out there test bedding the ElectriPlast product, that more than one some entity is out there investing as a result...

But that is merely an assumption on my part -- otherwise, I have not heard any official promises, nor would I expect to.

This is the stock market -- and like in real life, "Risk is a Factor, not Promises or Assurances".

PK sends...

August 25, 2006 5:56 PM  

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