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December 18, 2006

ElectriPlast: No Longer a Quest for Validation. It's For Real...




By © 2006 BusinessWire
December 18, 2006 9:02:00 AM ET

Integral Licenses ElectriPlast™ to Supplier to World Automotive Industry

Integral Technologies, Inc.'s (OTCBB:ITKG) ("Integral"), has finalized a license agreement with ADAC Automotive, Inc. (ADAC Automotive) (www.adacautomotive.com) to use the Company's proprietary ElectriPlast™ technology for specific automotive part applications in heating, cooling and exterior and interior telematics.

ADAC Automotive is a full-service automotive supplier dedicated to the production of door handles and components, cowl vent grilles, exterior trim, and marker lighting. Founded in 1975 as ADAC Plastics, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based company operates facilities in North America and the United Kingdom, which comprise a combined total of nearly 800,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Today, ADAC is a $225 million company with more than 1,300 employees in the U.S. and U.K., and is a member, along with WITTE Automotive of Velbert, Germany, and STRATTEC Security Corp, of Milwaukee, WI (Symbol: STRT), in the VAST Alliance (www.vastalliance.com), a global alliance serving automotive customers in the development and manufacture of vehicle access systems.

ADAC Automotive's Jack Prince, Global Business Director-Technology Sales Leader for ADAC Automotive commenting on the license said,

"It is an exciting endeavor which can bring many opportunities to the automotive market. The currently targeted applications are only the very beginning of the potential for this partnership".

Integral continues to work with other companies which are in the process of exploring over 111 patented and patent pending identified applications of the Company's ElectriPlast™ technology.

Integral Technologies

Integral Technologies, Inc. (www.itkg.net) is the developer of an innovative electrically conductive resin-based material called "ElectriPlast™," a highly conductive recipe that can be molded into virtually any shape or dimension associated with the range of plastics, rubbers and other polymers. Our IP consists of ElectriPlast™ and thousands of different applications pertinent to a wide variety of industries. To date, we have had 21 US patents issued, or allowed and pending issuance, and 90 patents pending on ElectriPlast™ applications. Various examples of industries where ElectriPlast™ can be used are antennas, shielding, lighting, circuitry, switch actuators, resistors, and medical devices, to name just a few. The company is currently introducing these new products and ElectriPlast™ technology on a global scale.

This press release contains "forward-looking statements'' within the meaning of Section 27A of the 1933 Securities Act and Section 21E of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act. Actual results could differ materially, as the result of such factors as (1) competition in the markets for the products and services sold by the company, (2) the ability of the company to execute its plans, and (3) other factors detailed in the company's public filings with the SEC. By making these forward-looking statements, the Company can give no assurances that the transaction described in this press release will be successfully completed, and undertakes no obligation to update these statements for revisions or changes after the date of this release.

For more detailed information on the company and the technologies described above please visit our web site at www.itkg.net or contact Shareholder Relations at 888-666-8833 or The Investor Relations Group, at 212-825-3210. To review the company's filings with the SEC, please go to www.sec.gov.

Integral Technologies, Inc.
Michael Pound, 888-666-8833


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Killer agreement!

December 19, 2006 1:06 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

To be perfectly clear -- on the surface this is a killer agreement.

Scratching beneath you will find some very insightful associations, many of which we will see emerge later.

For the moment, it is proof that there are interested parties vying to use ElectriPlast and the various applications this material presents...

But word of warning, this is merely the first. There are well over 100 NDA's, and that is not counting all of the clients associated to the Jasper or Heatron rosters -- nor does it include the whispered contacts that QuanStar brought to the table...

PK -- urging you and all reading to go ahead, Scratch Beneath the Surface on this article, you will be impressed -- sends...

December 20, 2006 10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pk - I've noticed on the Intregral website that over the past few years there have been several of these licenseing agreements, much like the latest one with ADAC.

Do you know what has happened to them? I wonder why nothing has developed yet in the way of revenues.

December 21, 2006 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

KN, that's a good point. Since 2001, they've made numerous announcements of licensing agreements and business partnerships, yet over the past three years, they've had revenues of $1k, $67k, and $2k in the years ending June 30 2004, 2005, and 2006, respectively.

I'm only just beginning my research on this company, but your comment, and their history of press releases without subsequent revenue, at least on the surface, make this look like your typical OTC.BB scam.

On the flip side, though, they have just completed their first actual manufacturing agreement, which is different from the previous agreements in that it could actually lead to physical production of the product, and more importantly, to revenue. Additionally, a deeper dive into some of the aforementioned press releases shows that, while their titles seem a bit "pumped-up" most of them do merely discuss the exploration of market potential, and did not suggest immediate revenue generation.

Additionally, it does appear that the plans laid out in the January 6, 2006 letter to shareholders (to move toward production and sales) are coming to fruition (Jasper and ADAC), so I'm inclined, for now, to give management the benefit of the doubt that they are actually on the road to revenue generation and profitability.

December 21, 2006 5:43 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

KLN & Chris,

Thank you for the questions, and for offering a chance to relay the story, as I understand it.

First, to KLN, the ultimate reason for the past few years you highlighted is due to Supply-Chain certainly, but more it was due to the uncontrolled actions of second and third parties.

That prospective agreements were noted in press releases is commonplace among partnerships that choose to signal their intention to do business. Motorola is one instance of focus noted in this writing, or rather they were. I would point you to the leadership change that took place as Integral released the press release identifying the possibility of entering an arrangement with a major cell phone concern. Dig into the history of the time, and you will find that the old MOT management had visited Integral’s offices/lab. In return, Bill Robinson and Tom Aisenbrey and others visited with Motorola and spoke with their leadership. All was on track, lawyers had met, and plans were made. Then Motorola stumbled in the marketplace. New leadership took over, and in the housecleaning that ensued, former contacts once made, were replaced.

This was a lesson-learned session for those at Integral Technologies. They realized that, yet again, they were relying on a large name player to carry them to success. They needed a change to their game plan, and a complete overhaul in their marketing strategy.

If you read Chris’ assessment, you will see indications of the change and signs of its emergence.

First, rather than announce yet to be achieved successes, the company became more reserved -- holding back on the news (and rumor) until only after the real news had occurred.

Second, instead of looking for a large name company to latch their star upon – rather than look to GE or DuPont, they chose instead to focus on the question of how best to market their IP material quickly and in quantity.

Somewhere in the project management phase of the planning process, the notion of coordinating with/through one, or more established manufacturers came into being.

The company leadership searched internationally for just the right partnership – and while doing so, sought out solutions to the other various lacking Supply Chain issues that had hampered their past efforts and kept the ultimate goal of success ever elusive.

After almost a year of resolving the above issues, working out the kinks, and tweaking timelines, securing financing and resolving potential partnership concerns – Integral, as Chris notes, issued their 6 January press release manifesto, highlighting things to come; milestones; and a comprehensive overall game plan.

While it is fair to look at the past and use it as an indicator, also keep in mind that the past if remembered can be a teacher.

Just like you won’t hold an incident against a child as it grows into adolescence and later adulthood, remember – Integral has experienced trending mistakes and in the past two years has learned from them, breaking the mold with a new strategy.

From all indicators available, it appears that they are keeping to the game plan, and if you choose to hold that against Integral and their leadership, then that is your choice.

To me, I see the fact that multi-million dollar industries are taking serious note of the ElectriPlast potential, and are bothering to sign on board.

To me – that looks like something more is a-brewing, than the same-o, same-o mantra few unique naysayers would have you believe.

Back to what I said early on, you have a Supply Chain in play. To that end, you also have a Manufacturer who has hired a multitude of workers to handle an anticipated increase in workload. You have patents with a host of patents pending. And, you have hands-on, international recognition in the coming the form of the Jan 2006 CES.

And this merely scratches the surface – talk about just beginning, ADAC is in play, along with yet another well know auto manufacture – and trust it won’t stop there.

With over 100 Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) were commented upon in past press releases, you can count on that as fact – and we shareholders will see what other impressive well-known entities pony up to the table, and hear them loudly when they say:

“Make Mine ElectriPlast!”

I sincerely hope that helped a little. For more anytime, feel free to drop me an email at: electriplast@hotmail.com …

Christmas Cheers and warmest regards from winter-wonderland Bavaria,

PK sends…

December 22, 2006 12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pk -

Thanks for all the effort on this site.

Question: What would cause you to change your mind? I think I understand your reasoning about how ITKG is now focusing on smaller manufacturing companies and establishing the production process with Jasper. I agree that these are smart moves. It does seem to me also, at least from a stock technical point of view, that Intregral really has to make something happen soon. Witness how the market reacted to the ADAC news - the next day down 7%. It truly is put up or shut up time for this little company.

I am long this stock and wish it well.


December 22, 2006 2:29 PM  
Blogger PK... said...


Merry Christmas, & sorry to be so long in getting back to you…

You ask a question that asks for opinion – and though I do not mind offering one, know that it is merely my opinion as an investor/shareholder in Integral Technologies.

You ask about timing and immediate market moves. I agree. Something does have to happen, and yes, sooner is by far better than later or never. In that regard there is little that I can tell you at this point. The news released last week regarding the ADAC agreement was not the news I for one was expecting.

Sure, rumor abounded that there would be an announcement surrounding an automotive parts interest in the coming year, but there were / are a number of other rumors floating that spoke to more significant –readily recognizable—announcements which were also pending. Rumor had one of these coming forth first.

As for the markets reaction to the ADAC news that is an immediate issue which is not important at the moment. I mean--not to dress it up--but as an investor, don’t you think it a significant achievement to have a multimillion dollar company doing business with your stock-holding company? More, don’t you think it important that the ElectriPlast IP finally migrate out of the virtual concept to the real world?

The impact of the immediate market reaction is nothing compared to the notion of getting the ElectriPlast product into the hands of real people, so that they can see for themselves what we have an inkling to – more, its important to get the ElectriPlast IP onto the market, allowing others a visual as to what is possible, and in effect putting it squarely on their radar.

It is always put-up-or-shut-up-time for this little company. Many an investor reading this Blog can tell you a story of how they too wish the stock could have seen the progress of this past year, years ago. As I noted in my last to you, and throughout this Blog, a number of issues held that progress to a stand-still:

• Patents, being one of the issues seeing a resolution, with new patents being approved on a weekly basis.
• Supply Chain aspect being another – that too has been addressed, its resolution has been reported in the recent past.

In short, as shareholders, we find ourselves in an extremely unique position. The elements of success are truly close at hand. The foundations of an event occurring soon are in place. The daily price per share (PPS) might be a focus for many, and if that is the case, then I urge them to follow their conscience and sell.

The reality behind that is, until the stock becomes listed as a NASDAQ or AMEX entity, it will be subjected to potential market maker manipulation. That is good for some, but not for those who watch these things using it as a bellwether.

You asked my opinion – I offer it freely. Watch, and let the plan unfold. The CES is scheduled to hit in early January 2007. In addition, there will be other agreements and sales of product in the offering. There may even be interesting news from Jasper regarding…well regarding things that we as investors want to hear. Things which would offer more validation to the Realness behind ElectriPlast and the impact it will have on various markets.

December 26, 2006 12:54 PM  

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