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January 06, 2007

ElectriPlast: Possibilities Abound. . .



ElectriPlast Publisher

Random Thoughts...

Normally the ElectriPlast Blog (EB) is used to run focused articles, which speak to definitive aspects of ElectriPlast. Today’s article will be no different – but to be honest, I realize my story spinning talents cannot compete or compare with that of, my Editor-in-Chief, Vince, and a number of others.

Still, while Vince is taking a small break, and the CES is around the corner, that leaves a quick bit of time for me to get an article in, just to talk about some of the random things that have crossed my radar recently.

Please stay with me—there are a number of events and leading edge rumors surrounding the ElectriPlast IP, Integral Technologies and the plans of both.

Where to start…

Well, I could speak to the idea of the pending reinvention of Ford, its activities of late, and what could be seen as its possible future involvement with ElectriPlast.

I could speak to the potential that the iPhone poses, and whether or not ElectriPlast will feature in those cards -– but touching on either of these stories would be misleading. One is rumor-based, and the other has only a small portion of its story available to us at this time.

I could speak to the manufacturing "compounder" and further enlighten with more information and insight on the manufacturing/supply-chain relationship. But those issues—while close at hand—are not yet discussions available to, or presented in, the public arena.

We could touch base on the many unique aspects posed by the addition of ElectriPlast to the commercial or military markets, from e-Paper to computer chips. Or we could interact on the potential involved with the ElectriPlast IP.

The truth is, ElectriPlast has the very real potential of turning into a technological viral-like phenomenon. The chance of it migrating from market to market is very real, and if or when that occurs, ElectriPlast will leave a changed world in its wake.

Then there are topics like: Heatron, JARCO, and ADAC. Most reading this probably believe they know the story, but actually much more can be readily uncovered and discussed – but not today. As I noted earlier, Vince and others are, by far, the better storytellers--me, I don’t even have a decent spell check.

Instead of speaking to any of the above items, I want to direct your attention to something that is here and now – touchable and which, given a short while, could cause yet another revolution in the plastics industry.

This is about something posted on the iHub by that board’s moderator, gktignol last month [http://www.investorshub.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=15640035]. This something touched on the potential of flexible display technology that is presently in our midst, but not on the radar of many—Yet…

Those who have read the EB for content and insight might remember my urging a view on a video featuring Professor Loo, who is working along similar lines as ElectriPlast, but dealing more with developing the chemical potential and solutions instead.

Well, the items she noted—what, three, four years ago upon making that video are with us today.

There are companies in America, the UK, Europe, Korea and Taiwan that are moving in that direction; one of the few things they are lacking is the proper material on which to base their concepts. Better said, they are working the chemical angle for their ePaper solutions, and a hodge-podge of fixes for other product prototypes. The chemical angle is fine, with the exception that it is subject to wear and tear making its endurance in a consumer marketplace a dicey proposition.

The hodge-podge solutions at play with other product prototypes stands as it does because while many companies are attempting to create a conductive plastic, none of those tested or marketed have reliability or conductivity currently embodied in ElectriPlast.

True, while there are companies in the world working on products which may one day compete with ElectriPlast, by the time they make it to market with a solid supply chain, and in mass-produced quantities, ElectriPlast will be the market leader, with branded names to compete against.

Alright, talk is cheap! Let’s see what’s got me jazzed on this, while passing up the other random thoughts mentioned earlier.

FOLED - Flexible TV Screen Technology

The following videos were presented on YouTube.com recently. What you are about to see is real, and as technology evolves, it could one day end up replacing the color screen on your laptop or your Plasma / LCD screen television.

Heck, as prolific as this technology is, and with the advancements that ElectriPlast could add to the mix, there are chances that this FOLED innovation might end up replacing the lights in your home.

Taking that notion a step further imagine if you can,that bland bit of wall space in your home. Now cover that with an ePaper-thin FOLED wallpaper, and WALLA! You have just turned a blank wall into a mega-sized multi-media screen.

Plastic Logic has developed new technology which “enables active electronic circuits to be produced on large flexible plastic substrates with high yield.”

Yes, to be sure, this is the world of imagination at work, but the technology is real. With a convergence of imagination, innovation, and a soon-to-be branded market leader like ElectriPlast--with its conducting capabilities to meet or exceed that of metals... Well, the potential of imagination becoming reality is less of a chance as oppose to a matter of when.

And to be honest, this is a minor side issue from the iHub expanded upon. The radar is stacked with real and rumored possibilities. As stakeholders watching ElectriPlast's progress, we have a rare opportunity before us, and are in for quite an exciting journey.

PK "eagerly welcoming the New Year with all the wonders associated" sends...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the outstanding article (your attempts to downplay your literary skills, notwithstanding). You've painted a pretty vivid picture for the reader of some of the possibilities associated with this great venture. What are its limits? Our imaginations!

My guess is the imaginations of several will be stoked at the CES next week!


P.S.- Would you mind commenting on some of the things mentioned in your opening paragraphs sometime?

January 07, 2007 2:52 AM  
Blogger PK... said...

Thank you for the good words and the kind lies... The reality is, I am not downplaying my talents. I speak like I write, and I have had teachers berate me on that often in the past.

The thing is, as long as the intended audience gets the gist of the intended message, I call it a win. Others might call it literary-pain.

As for the CES this week, consider this:

Win, Place or Show -- we still garner recognition and high marks.

My thinking is that even more heads will be turned as the possibilities surrounding ElectriPlast become better highlighted.

PS -- Did you happen to check out the links on that last piece?

Click on the hotlink that say's "CLICK HERE"

The video pretty much steals a number of my talking points for upcoming articles... No not only am I not that great of a writer, but I will be forced to either steal concepts from that video, or will have to search my cranial nugget for some inspired content to share in future articles...

PK sends...

PS -- gktignol is not a part of the EB staff, but my Editor-in-Chief does have a relationship with him on the iHub.

I will ensure your message gets passed on through him...

Cheers and thanks for the post, and the support to the EB.

January 08, 2007 9:33 PM  

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