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October 09, 2010

ElectriPlast: Next Level Infastructure Introduced...Part II



By: Business Wire
Oct. 7, 2010, 4:30 p.m. EDT
News Release



EB Publisher's note:  In May 2010, ElectriPlast had it's first brush with MDB group when it was featured as Integral Technologies' showcase product at the "Bright Lights" stock conference.  ElectriPlast made an impact on the conference's sponsors, so much so that they, like ipCapital Group (featured in the June 2010 collector's edition of the EB), have fallen in line to enhance the foundation supporting ElectriPlast's pending rise beyond, and blast though, the glass ceiling that has held the company back, and stymied its stock growth...rest assured, while it may not seem like much at this time--the movement described in the press release below will be looked upon as a lynchpin highlighting a lackluster trend which will soon come to an end.

So, as a reminder, to all concerned -- and as a friend recently was recently kind 'nuf to remind me:

"IP Capital is protecting and obtaining new patents for us. They are directly involved in our IP.

MDB Capital are the investment bankers and will be representing us to Wall St, hedge funds, big investors, etc. When additional funding is needed MDB will be directly involved with those matters."

With that, I hope this helps to put things into perspective as you digest the accompanying announcement -- PK sends...

Integral Announces the Engagement of MDB Capital Group As it Placement Agent

BELLINGHAM, Wash., Oct 07, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Integral Technologies, Inc. ("Integral"), today announces the engagement of MDB Capital Group (http://www.mdb.com/) a member of FINRA/SIPC to be its placement agent in potentially securing equity funding.

Integral is potentially seeking funding to continue to advance its research, development and commercialization of its ElectriPlast™ technology.

The Engagement Agreement calls for MDB to act as Integral's exclusive, sole placement agent in connection with the potential sale of its debt, equity or equity-linked securities ("Securities") to one or more financial investors, strategic investors accredited investors or other investors. MDB will be paid on its success in securing funding. Specifically, MDB will be paid (i) a cash fee of 10% of the aggregate gross proceeds received by Integral from a sale of the Securities and (ii) warrants, with a term of five years in an amount equal to 10% of the Securities sold by the Company. MDB will also be reimbursed by the Company for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the engagement.

In general, either party may terminate the Engagement Agreement on 30 business days' written notice. Integral may not terminate the Engagement Agreement during the first six months of the engagement, except that Integral is able to terminate the Engagement Agreement during the first 30 days of the engagement and in circumstances where MDB has acted with gross negligence or intentional misconduct. The Engagement Agreement also contains customary provisions relating to covenants of the parties and indemnifications.

Integral Technologies

Integral Technologies, Inc. (http://www.itkg.net/) is the developer of an innovative electrically conductive resin-based material called "ElectriPlast™," a highly conductive recipe that can be molded into virtually any shape or dimension associated with the range of plastics, rubbers and other polymers. Our IP consists of ElectriPlast™ and multitudes of different applications pertinent to a wide variety of industries. No assurances can be given that all patent applications will be approved; however, to the extent that patents are not granted, we will continue to attempt to commercialize these technologies without the protection of patents. Various examples of industries where ElectriPlast™ can be used are antennas, shielding, lighting, circuitry, switch actuators, resistors, and medical devices, to name just a few. The company is currently introducing these new products and ElectriPlast™ technology on a global scale.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains "forward-looking statements'' within the meaning of Section 27A of the 1933 Securities Act and Section 21E of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act. These statements include, without limitation, predictions and guidance relating to the company's future financial performance and the research, development and commercialization of its technologies. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terminology such as, "may," "should," "expects," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "estimates," "predicts," "potential," "continue," or the negative of these terms or other comparable terminology. These forward-looking statements are based on management's current expectations but they involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results and the timing of events could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements, as the result of such factors, risks and uncertainties

For more detailed information on the company and the technologies described above please visit our web site at www.itkg.net or contact Shareholder Relations at 888-666-8833 or Doug Bathauer, at 812-455-5767 or email at electriplastinfo@aol.com. To review the company's filings with the SEC, please go to http://www.sec.gov/.

As (1) competition in the markets for the products and services sold by the company, (2) the ability of the company to execute its plans, and (3) other factors detailed in the company's public filings with the SEC, including, without limitation, those described in the Company's annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2010 as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available at www.sec.gov. You are urged to consider these factors carefully in evaluating the forward-looking statements herein and are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements, which are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement. The forward-looking statements speak only as of the date on which they are made and the company undertakes no obligation to publicly update such forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

SOURCE: Integral Technologies, Inc.
Scott McArthur, 888-666-8833


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh PK, you have such a way with words....blast though the glass ceiling that has held the company back. Is that what`s holding back those 350 NDA signators? Those 5,6,7,8,9, licensee`s?

And of course the obvious answer is to throw more money at it. Money obtained from selling highly discounted shares, not product. After all, we have MILLIONS of them and they don`t cost anything. Who needs to sell product when paper is free!!

It`s not our fault....it`s that`s glass ceiling!!! Ha,ha. It`s not really glass. That`s just a popular expression for something only certain people can see.

I`m going out now to finish mowing my lawn. Hope I don`t run into a glass wall and have to stop and have a beer. Or two or three. Sorry honey, can`t finish mowing...there`s a glass wall out there. I know, I know, you can`t see it. But, believe me, it`s out there. I know about these things.


October 09, 2010 9:44 PM  
Blogger PK... said...

Anonymous --

I guess I could have gone for some kind of euphemisms’ like "hump" or "hurdle", but glass is what stuck at the moment.

The finer point, I think you wanted to highlight, was what that caused such a sticking-point in this investment, and in the ElectriPlast materials forward progress. To that, I think I have spent enough time demonizing the missteps of Integral's primaries.

In short, I tend to think that I am offering a balanced opinion, and when I note that infrastructure is being introduced, I am highlighting that the building blocks that include voices other than the two Bills, which are being fitted into the decision making process.

These other voices have unique accesses, insights, and bring with them capabilities which are poised to open doors which were inaccessible in the beginning of this journey. Doors which have an ‘extremely’ likely chance of bringing this investment, and the marketing of ElectriPlast material beyond the "hump", "hurdle", or glass ceiling that proved hold us back in the past...

Finally, as for your stopping to have beer prior to or during yard work --after first-hand experiencing this year's Oktoberfest-- I think two or three could prove to be a very real glass ceiling, and serve as a valid excuse to deter such a projects completion – in this case, Honey would understand.

PK sends...

October 10, 2010 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While you paint a very pretty picture, I`m having a difficult time connecting it to any kind of reality.

What in this press release gave you "hope" that....

"infrastructure is being introduced"

or that, "the building blocks that include voices other than the two Bills"...

And that they "are being fitted into the decision making process"

What are the "unique accesses", "insights", and capabilities to open doors that were previously inaccessable...doors to what?

I read the actual contract with MDB that was provided in the 8K filing, Did you?

I saw mothing about marketing or helping Integral make marketing decisions.

It`s a pretty straight forward contract to obtain financing through stock placement.

"Integral engaged MBD to assist Integral in capital raising efforts"

Paragraph 9(a) spells out activities and additional capacities pretty well.....there are none.


Too much first hand experiencing at this years Oktoberfest?

Bottom line....

These guys are broke. After 14 years and $33 million dollars, the total shareholder value reported on the June 30, 2010 10K is (MINUS)-$349,369.

Hard to spin that away.


October 10, 2010 8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree. This is not the "next level of infrastructure"; its the next level of stock dilution. Lets be a little more factual and even-handed, PK. Integral is broke, desparate and now has to pay someone 10 cents on the dollar to raise additional cash for them. And the way they are going to do that is by selling shares and warrants at well below market value. This is how they reward their loyal shareholders?

Of course, we should not be surprised. In the teeth of a recession after burning $33M of shareholder value with no tangible results of any kind, the BOD brazenly grants themselves handsome compensation increases.

It may be legal, but it sure doesn't feel ethical. These are not the kind of people to be trusted with your hard-earned money.

October 12, 2010 8:24 PM  

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