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September 11, 2006

ElectriPlast: The Mysterious Manufacturing Connection

New Contacts,


Connections . . .

The following article was presented in: PlasticTechnology, as an online article featuring the NPE 2006 News Wrapup.
By Joseph a. Grande & Lilli Manolis Sherman, Sr. Editors

[ElectriPlast Blog Publishers Note: The importance of this article is three-fold. First, within there is a strong hint to a yet-to-be-named U.S. Plastics Manufacturer, identified as doing closehold business with Integral Technologies. Second, there is an indication as to the amounts of product expected to be sold. Last and most significantly, the hint of a near-term timeframe is indicated.]

[Addendum -- Apologies to those looking to this blog for constant updates. I spent the summer in Spain, with little access to online resources, not that the sun and surf weren't tempting enough cause for me to exile myself from the terminal for awhile. Still, to those who asked questions via email, I tried to satisify your requests for insight. For those who didn't -- I purposely left the last series of articles posted in hopes that they would both encourage, and push all interested, to review previous blog submissions. To date, we are on track, and the issues covered are slowly coming to light. Let us hope that price per share expectations, along with that lofty NASDAQ objective also becomes a reality. PK "with cheers and best regards from the heart of Bavaria" sends...]

New conductive compound

An as-yet unnamed U.S. compounder is expected to be the first to sell commercial quantities of a unique highly conductive compound called ElectriPlast, developed by Integral Technologies Inc. The material consists of 6- to 25-micron conductive fibers (metallic or carbon) plus a special chemical dopant in any of a variety of base resins. A special dispersion technique is part of the technology, which has been licensed to Heatron, a maker of heating elements in Leavenworth, Kan. Prototype antennas are among several other products that have also been produced from ElectriPlast.

Click the picture above to link to the aforementioned article -- look near the bottom of that online article's webpage.


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