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January 08, 2007

ElectriPlast: A Second Glance at ADAC Automotive





By Vince S.
ElectriPlast Blog Editor

[ElectriPlast Blog (EB) Publishers Note: An ADAC related item was updated on 9 January 2007, in the Bellingham Herald's morning edition.

In addition, in reading the iHub, it appears that that boards moderator is keeping a tight fix on things taking place at the CES this week -- well more on the website covering the event that is... Still in one of his post, he notes that ElectriPlast may not have made the list of those CES "Best Of" finalists in the running. We have folks on the ground who will offer their views of the CES and the events taking place in a future Blog article. In the meantime, a presence is a huge deal, and offers public awareness of ElectriPlast. At the end of the day, that doesn't mean much to some, but to others public awareness adds up to product sales and even more open doors. This is the marketing year folks -- public awareness is part of the promised milestones offered a year ago...

Speaking of a year ago, do you think Integral's CEO might consider sharing yet another ElectriPlast reportcard, along with possibly offering a sharper focus of what the year to come has to offer??? I am hopeful, and think we esteemed shareholders / stakeholders are deserving. PK sends...]

At a Second Glance...

Integral Technologies recently announced a licensing agreement with ADAC Automotive to use ElectriPlast to manufacture automotive components. This agreement has enormous implications for both companies. For Integral, it validates ElectriPlast as a practical manufacturing solution and it promises to be the start of an unending and significant revenue stream. ADAC, on the other hand, as the first major manufacturer of ElectriPlast auto-parts, will have an opportunity to demonstrate the wisdom of using ElectriPlast, grow its business to the next level (a half billion dollars) and, more importantly, influence other manufacturers in the auto sector and beyond to follow their lead in innovative uses of ElectriPlast.

ADAC Automotive, Inc., of Grand Rapids, Michigan, manufactures and supplies parts and components for Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

While it isn’t the biggest auto-parts maker (that’s Delphi, soon to be out of bankruptcy), ADAC will have a profound effect in the auto-parts sector. Moreover, ADAC, through its strategic business units in the United Kingdom and its cross-licensing agreements in Germany, will extend ElectriPlast well into the global auto-parts manufacturing sector. (For the time being, let's sidestep powerhouses Toyota and Honda.) But how can one licensing agreement have such a universal impact? To answer that question, we need to drill down through the ADAC organization to see who they service. Also, we need to see who their competitors are to determine who else might also be a candidate for ElectriPlast.

For starters, ADAC has been a supplier of automotive parts for Ford since 1995. After a dozen years of meeting Six Sigma standards for the Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, F-Series trucks, Windstar minivan, and the classic Thunderbird, ADAC recently signed a contract to make door handles for the Mercury Villager minivan and its twin, the Nissan Quest minivan. ADAC also manufacturers door and trim components for the Mercury Sable, the Lincoln Navigator, and the Lincoln Town car.

Folks, Ford may be sliding into last place as a member of the Big Three, but doing business at any level with this venerable Detroit titan places Integral Technologies in an excellent position. Also, in terms of global competition, our licensing agreement with ADAC puts us squarely in the middle of the world auto-parts hierarchy.

So, with clientele that comprise many of the world's auto giants, one has to wonder who ADAC’s competitors are to appreciate the extent of the potential for ElectriPlast. According to Business Week Online, there are over 80 manufacturers of automobile and truck components in the USA. Here are a few of the titans:

  • Delphi Automotive Systems, the world's largest supplier of automotive components produces halfshafts, batteries, filters, spark plugs, generators and compressors.

  • Visteon, a former Ford spin-off and second behind Delphi makes automotive climate control, interior, exterior, power train, chassis, glass and electronics components.

  • Johnson Controls manufactures automotive interior systems, batteries, etc.

  • Lear is the world's largest supplier of automotive interior systems.

No wonder Jack Prince, Global Business Director-Technology Sales Leader for ADAC Automotive said,

It is an exciting endeavor which can bring many opportunities to the automotive market. The currently targeted applications are only the very beginning of the potential for this partnership.”


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