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December 30, 2007

ElectriPlast: In Doug We Trust . . .

New Year


By Vince S.
ElectriPlast Blog Editor

We continue to be excited about the future of ElectriPlast™ and believe 2008 will lead us to commercial success.”

Doug Mathias
CEO and President
Jasper Rubber Products, Inc

Serendipity (n.) Making Pleasant, Valuable, or Useful Discoveries by Accident

History is replete with stories of serendipitous discoveries. Archimedes, Columbus, Bell, and Goodyear are among thousands who have made signature discoveries by accident or while looking for other results. Serendipitous discoveries have also been part of the Integral Technologies story. The first such discovery happened when Tom Aisenbrey, in his laboratory in Bellingham, Washington, looked at plastic as a way to rustproof a galvanized metal flat antenna. ElectriPlast was the ultimate result of his experiments.

The second serendipitous event in Integral’s story happened when Doug Mathias, the CEO of Jasper Rubber Products (JARCO), in Jasper Indiana, 1900 miles east of Bellingham, read about a new electrically conductive resin-based material called ElectriPlast. The 24-year Jasper veteran saw an immediate correlation between ElectriPlast and the products JARCO manufactured for its 600 customers in the automotive, electrical appliance and other sectors, so he made a cold call to Bellingham and Tom Aisenbrey. Integral was looking for a facility to produce ElectriPlast and JARCO was looking for an opportunity to take its business to the next level, beyond $70 million in revenue.

After months of negotiations, the perfect match that happened by pure chance was formalized between Integral and JARCO. Why was this match perfect? Well, Integral had the intellectual property, scores of revolutionary ElectriPlast patents, and numerous contacts who had signed non-disclosure agreements. What they lacked was a trusted production partner.

Enter JARCO.

Mathias and company brought industry certifications and accreditation, an ISO testing capability to verify the viability of ElectriPlast, a 330,000sf automated production plant, proven marketing expertise, a top flight sales force, and strong distribution and back office support to this equation. Also, JARCO was eager. The 800 employee-owners who saw an opportunity to move their company to the next level enthusiastically jumped on the ElectriPlast bandwagon.

Expectations Rise for the New Year

After a circuitous route that took shareholders through inordinate legal, administrative and organizational delays, shareholders now acknowledge that there are ‘Light-Emitting Diodes’ at the end of the ElectriPlast tunnel. In their remarkable press release, Integral underscored the importance of the JARCO partnership by sharing important feedback on future prospects with Doug Mathias. This is as it should be because JARCOs extremely successful commercial track record brings a level of credibility and renewed optimism to the Integral equation. Specifically, JARCOs manufacturing expertise, market share, Fortune 500 customer base and storied history of providing quality products to satisfied clientele. These standards of excellence will compel more JARCO customers to focus on ElectriPlast. It is clear to all but the most casual observer that this 58-year-old company has closely allied its future growth to ElectriPlast.

Many shareholders agree with the message from Jasper. Moreover, they are holding on to their shares because of the depth of JARCOs’ involvement and the belief that the combination of ElectriPlast and JARCO will take both companies to higher levels Ergo, “In Doug We Trust,” isn’t a catchy headline as much as it is a statement of belief by shareholders, many of whom are undoubtedly working at JARCO. A series of positive statements by Doug Mathias, who said that they are “squarely in the middle of potentially one of the largest technological advancements ever to occur in the rubber and plastics industries,” as well as the quotation linking 2008 to “commercial success,” have helped to raise expectations for the new year. Indeed, JARCOs involvement with Integral has gone a long way toward giving ITKG shareholders the courage to hold their shares through bleak times when market trends advised otherwise.

So What can we Expect in the New Year?

For starters, ElectriPlast is the only conductive plastic with the capacity to handle heavy current. This and our extensive intellectual property will give us a significant head start in what promises to be an exciting technological arena. Our “growing and varied customer base,” according to CEO Bill Robinson, contains 43 potential customers in Fortune 500 companies in industries such as antennas, apparel, appliances, audio and visual, automotive, aircraft, communications, computers, consumer electronics, heating, heavy equipment, industrial, lighting, military, mining and construction, power delivery, shielding, sporting goods, and wiring.

Despite the current share price, the last press release spells optimism for 2008. Contracts and purchase orders have been the long-sought objective since the inception of this company. Now, with Integral Technologies and market-savvy Jasper Rubber Products collaborating as never before, 2008 as the year of our commercial success seems certain.

Stay tuned, folks.