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February 22, 2009

The ElectriPlast Ride: Ups & Downs Included...

Enjoy the Ride...

ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

Well, it has been more than a few days since rumor indicated an unspecified event would occur. Now there could be explanations for what we have yet to see, but going down that road would be a disservice to all reading, especially if they were to come from me... Instead, I'll let Integral speak to that.

A Common Sense Moment

Yes, the economy has had an impact. What was thought of as a correction many months ago has turned into something far more significant! Where does that leave those invested in Integral Technologies? Well, the potentials are still present. What we don't have is the tolerance or the luxury of doing business as usual. The company's management has been collecting pay over the years, and we are still shy of the goal. Were this football, and these coaches, then the solution would be apparent. But this is not, and we have to deal with what we have, but rather than making due, shareholders and stakeholders alike must pin them down and force them to do their job -- for those missing the meaning: JOB #1 -- MAKE A SUCCESS OF ELECTRIPLAST.

If that means the CEO or CFO must pass up on an annual BONUS, or sacrifice their paychecks to see the company stay solvent even 1 more day, well -- to be honest, that is what I expect them to do.

Will it come to that? I truly don't think so. I think the writing is on the wall, for the next four to eight years, our country will be investing in a Green Economy. Infrastructure will change to accommodate such a shift, as will manufacturing.

ElectriPlast was already leaning that direction, and as the economy picks up, with a modest restructure of company goals and objectives, Integral, Jasper Rubber, and ElectriPlast should be well on their way to meeting the emerging challenges with leading edge solutions...

Alright, enough yammering from this corner -- attached above is a quick and dirty video I spent a few minutes piecing together. Granted, it does not go into detail, but it touches base in a unique way on the ElectriPlast story we have each played a part in...

Enjoy, and if you choose to make your own videos in the future, please feel free to test-drive the ANIMOTO link above or below with a 30 second free video using music and pictures of your choice, and get a great discount if you choose to buy into the fuller features offered by this service.

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