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April 28, 2011

ElectriPlast: Tier One, Part Two


for the



to Drop

By Vince S
ElectriPlast™ Blog Editor

“Ah! my heart is weary waiting, Waiting for the May: Waiting for the pleasant rambles Where the fragrant hawthorn brambles, Where the woodbine alternating, Scent the dewy way; Ah! my heart is weary, waiting, Waiting for the May.”
Denis Florence McCarthy

The Merry Month of May!

When Denis McCarthy, the 19th century Irish poet, pinned his ode to the month of May, he had no idea that he would also be a futurist whose prose would summarize the hopes and aspirations of a group of future investors.

With baited breath (and weary waiting), Integral Technology shareholders anticipate the next 10-Q, which should be released in mid-May, to see if we had any sales from ElectriPlast™ during quarter ending 31 March. Based on a recent Company Corner article, Integral has adopted a new accounting method that will specifically identify invoiced amounts of ElectriPlast™ sent to customers.

To paraphrase a fellow shareholder whose knowledge of such matters runs deep, "In the last year plus, there have been several press releases that would have sent this stock flying five years ago." Those press releases detailed Integral's efforts to deploy ElectriPlast™ in the defense industry, the plastics sector and the automobile arena. Now, we are waiting for the other shoe to drop; i.e., news from one of those sectors.

Was LG Chem the Other Shoe?

No. As significant as that information was, the LG Chem news came out of the blue, unknown to all but a few Integral officers. It was totally unexpected at the EP Blog desk. Even so, it was welcomed because it validates what we shareholders have long believed; that progress is being made out there in the 350-plus NDA hinterland. Moreover, it is the first time ElectriPlast™. has been publicly acknowledged by a potential client. And at the SAE World Congress, no less. Now, LG Chem, would you please follow that up with a nice contract? After all, there can never be too many shoes dropping at the same time! Still, that is not the other shoe I expect to fall.

No, I am looking forward to 10-Q evidence that we are selling ElectriPlast™ pellets and/ or plaques in quantities large enough to indicate that we are meeting the requirement to put a part in the 2012 "prestigious European motorcar." According to the schedule I published earlier, parts manufacturers we ought to be close to making and shipping their parts to the automaker for the final pre-assembly line stage.

Personally, I think that proverbial shoe is hovering on a thread and will drop very soon. Of course, the ideal situation would be the announcement of a purchase order from one of those automobile manufacturers mentioned in months gone by. Reportedly, there are several that could get the ball rolling but, as we have found, events don't happen on ITKG shareholders want them to.

As another colleague, whom I respect for his pragmatism and business acumen, said, "We know there have been various 'sales' throughout the years that have been hidden in the minutia of the filings, but I think size really does matter at this point. Let's face it, after years and years of hyperbole, a few dollars of sales (even a few thousand dollars) will not be enough to excite most folks, at least not the current audience. Now, if we'd get 'sales,' followed by announcements of strategic partnerships, a legitimate Board of Directors, a move to a better exchange, etc., then we'll be in a better position to believe better days are ahead." (Actually, a move to a better exchange could only come after ITKG had maintained, among other things, a three month price per share averaging $4.) Right on, dude! We could use some of that about now! Other than the pps, I think we are almost there!

The 2012 Euro Motorcar

A few months ago, I stepped out on a limb (not the first time) and predicted the scheduling of the 2012 "prestigious European motorcar." According to that schedule, I had Jasper cranking out our part during the months of April or May to make the next stage, the final assembly of that 2012 "prestigious European motorcar."

I might be off by some few weeks, but I'm sticking to my original prediction, folks. It is time to fish or cut bait, Integral.