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September 11, 2010

ElectriPlast: Getting Connected...



By: PK
ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

During the past week, Integral announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office had granted a new patent in the ElectriPlast™ series, Low cost electrical terminals manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials. http://officialelectriplasttm.blogspot.com/2010/09/patent-update_01.html

While the application featured on the USPTO website is thorough – and to be completely honest, it would be simplistic to state that I understood the entire patent – I do sense that underlying the significance of this patent are applications that are just around the corner.

Here is what I sense to be the “Magic Pill” associated to this patent above its predecessors, and what binds them all together into a synergetic bundle that could very well mean a true start to the lift-off count down.

This patent speaks to nuts and bolts connections – it’s as simple as that.

To take old tech, and match it with new tech, you need a plug. On the telephone the connection mechanism is called the phone jack or (RJ-45). On a computer's local area network there are a number of ways to connect, from using a wireless router, to using a simple Ethernet jack or (RJ-11). Then there are the numerous other connector cables ranging from USB to other related connectors...You get the picture.

Well, with ElectriPlast™, there was always this disruptive material, but the engineers from the various interested companies were charged with the nagging prospect of how to make this stuff cost effectively compatible with their product and more importantly, their production line. Part of that compatibility concern focused on connecting the integral parts (both legacy technology and ElectriPlast™ material) into a virtually newer/better/cheaper product.

If what I read in this patent is correct, it describes the standardized butterfly knot that nicely ties/converts both legacy and ElectriPlast™ technology together, and -- at the same time it apparently serves to “connect-the-dots” to ElectriPlast™’s smooth expansion into the “real-world” marketplace.

Just a thought from the sidelines,

PK sends…