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November 16, 2008

ElectriPlast: Have You Seen This Man???

ElectriPlast Blog (EB) Publisher's Note: I know that it has been overly long since our last posting to the EB. This was not due to inattention, or the fact that those staffing this Blog have chosen to opt-out, or have lost faith in the potentials surrounding ElectriPlast's future. No, we are still here--with you--kicking ourselves and wondering at Integral's "missing-man" mystery strategy.

Our heartland contacts near the pillars of power at Jasper, have kept their fingers close to the pulse of things, and while we could have included their insights on any number of postings on the EB for benefit of those reading--instead we chose to step back and allow Integral to take the lead on the “care and feeding” of its stakeholder and investor cadre.

I guess I could have announced that we were taking just such a tact, but to be honest, we—-like you-—thought more in the form of press releases and announcements would have appeared long before now. It is not as if things have been dead on the manufacturing and sales front. Touching base with JARCO, one could easily uncover the business leanings and prospects that that company is gearing toward. Why Integral has chosen to lay low is an out-there question that should be addressed to Bill Robinson. That is if he can be found...

To that end, the EB staff had prepared a number of EB articles, but tabled each as we did not want to be the news makers--nor did we intend to be the first to step into the breach only to end up with egg on our faces on the off chance our contacts had erred in their reports.

We also prepared articles to address the current Economic Crisis, and the prospective impacts foreseen on that front -- again, waiting on Integral to take the lead (as they should have well before now), we—-again like you-—saw and felt only silence.

Hence the toung-in-cheek MISSING Poster you see now. Let's treat this like a treasure hunt, and afterwards feel free to use this forum to express your thoughts, and help us all in keeping a wary eye out for Integral's (Missing-in-Action) CEO.

That is, if he ever emerges from his undisclosed hidden lair...

PK sends...