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August 19, 2010

ElectriPlast: A Uniquely Re-Vamped Website

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By: PK
ElectriPlast Blog Publisher

From my perspective --

Solid Thumbs-up for a thoroughly considered consumer oriented information resource. It is obvious that much work has gone into this re-vamped website, with key aspects embedded to ensure marketplace & shareholder insight and information is both knowledge-based, and factual.

When you get a spare moment, stroll over and check out the old-NEW site :  http://www.electriplast.com/

In addition, the following prospective short intro-vid from Aaron Black might help to also pique your interests:

ElectriPlast Website Introduction (2010)

The above is a short animation created for electriplast.com by Integral Technologies. This video features the initial pellet form of ElectriPlast, electrically conductive plastic.

August 02, 2010

ElectriPlast: An iPhone 4 Solution?




by John Paul Whitefoot
Penny Stock Insider

 Antennagate, Steve Jobs and a Penny Stock

From Maury, to Bill O'Reilly, to Glenn Beck, to any news channel on the planet, you can't help but come across depressing stories on a daily basis. But few are as heart, nay gut wrenching, as those inhabitants of earth that have been plagued by ‘Antennagate'. If you are one of the few penny stock consumers not rocking back and forth, mumbling to yourself in the corner, ‘Applegate' is the ever-so-clever term used to describe the recent calamity befalling Apple Computer and its cheery CEO, Steve Jobs.

First released on June 24, Apple's iPhone 4 has become a dream come true for both shareholders and retailers. During the third quarter alone, Apple sold some 8.4 million iPhones.

Despite the stellar sales, iPhone consumers soon began experiencing problems with their devices. The iPhone 4 suffers a design flaw that causes dropped calls in regions with low signal strength. Some customers and publications have also complained that touching the rim of the device can result in dampened and lost reception.

No one wants lost potential sales. Not even Steve Jobs. Apple's solution to 'Antennagate' is free cases; a move that is likely going to cost the company $175 million in revenue. That's a drop in the bucket though for a company that made $15.7 billion last quarter alone.

Antennagate could put penny stocks on Wall Street's radar.

I was thinking though. Why spend a minimum of $175 million on cases to rectify antenna issues when you could simply be proactive and make product casings that ARE an antenna?

Integral Technologies, Inc. (ITKG - OTCBB) is a development stage penny stock company that manufactures PlasTenna and ElectriPlast technology. ITKG has developed a line of antennas that dramatically increase performance, improve design flexibility and reduce the power consumption for virtually any wireless device.

ITKG formulates ElectriPlast into pellets that contain varying conductive properties. A company selects the properties it wants, and ITKG molds the pellets into any shape without losing the conductivity.

ElectriPlast conducts heat and electricity like most metals; some call it a plastic-metal composite. ElectriPlast has hundreds of potential uses, including as an antenna that covers the entire body of a cell phone-like a "jacket" for the phone.

ITKG calls this jacket PlasTenna and says it will help improve cell phone signal strength and reliability. Further, ITKG's ElectriPlast is lighter, less expensive, and significantly, more reliable, than traditional antennas, and increases reception.

Once perfected, various products will be submitted to UL and CSA for electrical approval within North America and to other markets overseas.

ITKG is working with close to 350 companies it has Non Disclosure Agreements with, some being the largest in their industry.

On July 14, ITKG announced the international market deployment of the ElectriPlast pellet and that its technology achieved industry milestones in specialized third-party independent and certified testing.

Based on the January test data, two of ITKG's customers in the automotive and aerospace industries are in the process of switching to ElectriPlast. The company also said it would expand testing to include various resin and fiber combinations to target multi-market sectors.

ITKG now has eight different fiber blends it can offer its customers; blends that can be fabricated into virtually any shape or dimension. That means, whether you're a civilian or in the military, whether you work in the aerospace, medical or other industrial applications, thanks to the creativity of penny stock ITKG, wireless devices could soon be free of bulky aerials.

Steve Jobs may be an industry maverick, but he didn't have the foresight to see that he could have avoided ‘antennagate' by simply turning the entire bezel of the iPhone 4 into a reliable antenna.

One the other hand, as penny stock investors, we can check out a penny stock company that could turn the corner in 2010.

This article can be found at: http://searchwarp.com

John Whitefoot is a seasoned penny stock investor with a keen interest in international business and current affairs. With many years of experience in the investment community, John Whitefoot is Sr. Editor at pennystocks.com and is devoted to uncovering the news, trends, and ideas that affect penny stocks on a daily basis.