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November 02, 2014

ElectriPlast: Market Analyst See Stock's Price Potential Rise...

Analyst see stock's price potential

upwards of $1.25 in the near future…

by: PK, ElectriPlast Blog Publisher
November 2, 2014

Speculation rules the world; it is what the market place has always been based on…

To speculate is one way of casting one’s fortunes on the ever changing landscape of a growing stock market, but when that speculation is based on tangibles…hard analysis, based on hours of interviews, company visits, a review of the books and pointed meetings with clients and partners – well then speculation takes a hard turn toward the realm of solid possibility.

In this case, ElectriPlast (EP) has had two ardent followers, both of whom have chased through the closeted ghosts surrounding the ElectriPlast potential, and Integral Technologies (OTCBB: ITKG), the company which holds the reins on this intellectual property (IP). What they found is what many of you had already known. There is more than a germ of truth and validity behind this disruptive technology, and both its future, and the untapped potentials are explosive.

So, a little bit more about these followers. A number of them are journalist published by Seeking Alpha.com, a stock market news & financial analysis platform, which, like its namesake, seeks out strong candidates in varying marketing fields to cover. Somehow, we came on the radar of some of their journalist contributors’, and since then --apparently liking what they saw in the ElectriPlast story and in the character of those managing the corporate side of the business-- they made a special project of tracking and drafting articles on the Integral team and the EP IP’s progress into the multitude of markets. This will apparently continue as these markets begin to benefit from Integral’s marketing transition, and the EP’s product transition into the practical consumer realm.

Another market follower is an analyst from ZACK’s who has been spotlighting EP’s progress and potential for a while now. Recent analytical estimates (as observed here on the ZACKs website) see ITKG’s stock price striking upwards of the $1.25 point in the near future, with the possible potential for higher price targets in the future as more news is made on EP’s marketplace acceptance and its materials’ expansion into industrial and consumer goods becomes more pronounced.