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December 23, 2008

ElectriPlast: When “Green” is Also Golden

By Vince S.
ElectriPlast Blog Editor

( Editor’s Note: This article was inspired by email from a long-term Integral shareholder. )

When “Green” is also Golden

If anyone still harbors doubts about the interconnectivity of global financial markets, I suggest they focus on how Wall Street, the banking sector and the mortgage industry produced a ‘perfect storm’ that has severely impacted financial and credit markets around the world. Moreover, this crisis has reduced corporate and individual wealth by several trillions of dollars, a calamity that will have consequences for many years to come. One of the sidebars to the market turmoil is the dire situation in which the Big Three automobile manufacturers find themselves. Yet, despite the doom and gloom, and the real promise of a bleak 2009 for many, this financial crisis represents a dramatic opportunity for Integral Technologies and Jasper Rubber to turn “green” into gold.

Around the World and Back to Detroit

Now that gasoline prices have been whacked nearly two-thirds, and car dealers are overstocked with output from Detroit, the credit meltdown has frozen out all but a few consumers. Moreover, some who can afford to buy are concerned about the availability of parts and service, if the Big Three are forced to reorganize or consolidate. The bottom line of all this turmoil is that Detroit is facing the biggest transformation since Henry Ford’s assembly line nearly 100 years ago. Yes, you heard that right! When oil was near $140 a barrel last July, car sales went through the floor; now, a barrel of crude is below $40 and US auto sales remain on life support, but for different reasons. And Detroit, as we know it, will be changed forever. Be that as it may, there is a silver lining behind this very dark cloud.

In a recent email, Jay ( his nom de plume ) wrote, “I’m very pleased that EP material is ready and is poised to launch just as a new administration with strong environmental commitments is about to take over. If plans go as expected, there will be huge investments, government and private, in solar, wind, hybrid, electric innovation and products. Any product, especially environmentally constructive ones, that can help reduce dependence on foreign oil will be funded and encouraged. Along with investments in infrastructure, the intention is to make the switch, irreversibly, away from internal combustion engines and the toxins they produce. That will be a major cultural shift.”

Green to Golden

Speaking of toxins and carbon footprints, let’s apply the rules of logic to the following premise: ElectriPlast is reported to be 40 percent lighter than aluminum, so imagine the weight reduction if ElectriPlast replaces aluminum in a substantial number of automotive parts. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average US car was a scale-busting 4400 pounds in 2003, the last time those figures were available. Knock 40% of the poundage off of your 2009 four door V6 Blubberbutt and you’re burning a lot less fuel to move that badboy down the interstate, friends!

And consider the environmental implications; when a pound of aluminum replaces two pounds of iron or steel in a car, circa 20 pounds of CO2 emissions are reduced over the typical lifetime of that vehicle. Now factor ElectriPlast into that formula! My, my, but we are looking mighty “green,” which equates to a “golden” bottom line for Integral and JARCO. This scenario will be consistent with the expected environmental and energy conservation efforts during the next administration.

My friend Jay has whacked it straight down the fairway with his "green" connection. Moreover, he concluded that in the near future, there will be great opportunities for new technologies, particularly those that have a beneficial impact on the environment. How prescient, Jay! It seems that several major players in the auto parts and battery sectors are so impressed with ElectriPlast and the clean “green” connection that they are ready to close deals for ElectriPlast. And it goes without saying that whatever is left of the US auto industry after congressional and/or Oval Office mandates will clearly look for lightweight materials that translate into better fuel efficiency. ElectriPlast will play an important role in that area.

ElectriPlast is the Future

“ElectriPlast,” according to Jay, “is where Jasper Rubber sees the future. To that end, they have made a sizeable investment in money and effort, and they have dedicated a production line and staff to produce EP for client prototyping. EP is where they have put their money and their efforts. It is the future of JARCO. Somehow that makes me smile.”

We at the EP Blog couldn’t agree more, Jay. Once the marketing effort ramps up and the world focuses on the “5,000 uses for ElectriPlast,” per Tom Aisenbrey’s recent comments in the May 2008 issue of Medical Product Manufacturing News, JARCO will have to add more machinery and staff to keep pace. All three of the Boyz in Bellingham have two million plus shares of this badboy--no telling how much is owned by the folks at Jasper--so there is plenty to motivate both companies to double their efforts to close deals.

So, it is not a matter of "if," but "when" the first contract is inked. And despite the fact that we missed the much vaunted “go-to-market-year,” as publicly predicted by Messrs. Robinson and Mathias, that will be soon!

Bring on 2009!

From the ElectriPlast Blog, Season’s Greetings to all and a Happy and Prosperous$$$ New Year!

December 09, 2008

ElectriPlast: In Search of Management's Better Angels...

ElectriPlast Blog (EB) Publisher

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece that was designed to:

· Provoke EB readers and shareholders to vent against the lack of transparency, and the poor communications and management style at the top of Integral Technologies; and to

· Offer Bill Robinson a reality check on the horrific job he has been doing (or more aptly, not been doing) for the past two years.

Out of that effort came many thought-provoking commentaries and links, information we will likely pursue at a future date. Meanwhile, what has happened in Bellingham since my last article? Pretty much the same thing that has happened for the past two years; a confused and often contradictory storyline continues to emerge from Investor Relations. And Bill Robinson continues to neglect the needs of the shareholders, while waiting for news from Jasper.

On the other hand, Jasper continues to make head way. They are making progress in their negotiations and research and development with a number of companies who find these as compelling times to showcase the potential of ElectriPlast.

Doug Mathias, the JARCO CEO, maintains a finger on the pulse of each of these positive activities, according to knowledgeable sources, who also indicate that quite a few of the companies with whom we are negotiating are in the final stages of completing agreements.

This and other information is steadily reported to Bellingham but, for some reason, nothing more than IR’s rosy-colored interpretation of the day seems to make it out of that black hole. Even news that was formerly shared as a press release, such as new patents, etc., is no longer deemed worthy of mention. (NB: Integral had 16 granted patents when they last used a press release to announce a patent. Since then, 24 additional patents have been granted, but not announced by the company.)

Over the past months, I have tried to wrap my mind around the mindset of the two Bills. I think on the fact that they have a novel product which, according to those in Jasper, excels at what it is supposed to do, and I see "the two Bills" doing nothing to assist in furthering its potential.

In my last tongue-in-cheek article, I noted that Bill Robinson was missing and had been on an extended vacation for the past year and a half. Well, one wonders how much of that was truly tongue-in-cheek and how much was truth.

* * * * *

Bill, if you have ever read any of the articles on the EB, then stop reading now and act instead: Answer the questions your loyal shareholders and co-owners of this company have been anxious to hear.

* * * * *

Tell us why the price per share has dropped from $4.10 to its current low without word or comment or justification from you or any of the principals at Integral? I mean, that was only two short years ago… And never once, in all that time, has it been mentioned. As a matter of fact, let’s stick to just that point alone. Please explain why you feel justified in continuing to draw a paycheck and bonuses, while the stock tanks?

And while we are at it, let’s talk about the agenda behind such actions. I mean, no one purposely allows their child to fail, and no one allows their children to be so thoroughly neglected to the point that their once robust forms waste away before your very eyes.

Fortunately, for long disappointed shareholders, our saving grace is JARCO, and its visionary leader, Doug Mathias. But where they are the manufacturing and licensing agents for ElectriPlast; it is Integral Technologies that stands tall as the company in which we own stock. They are the Intellectual Property owner of ElectriPlast, and they are the ones who are supposed to manage the public’s perception of the product as well as the stock.

So, Bill, we have seen your best efforts over the past year and a half, and many have been hurt by the results, with ITKG being worth less today than three-quarters of its former value. Your lack of stewardship has served to lose the momentum the company once had. Also, your management style has stifled the ability of our company to compete on a multi-market platform.

What can be done now?

Well, I won’t ask that you do something that you have found difficult, if not impossible to do in the past. Asking you for openness would be a waste of time. Asking that you establish a game-plan and share it with your shareholders seems a bit much, considering your reluctance to speak to them over the past two years. Instead, I urge you and Bill Ince to look toward your better angels and face up to the fact that you have failed. That being the case, it is time to reconsider establishing a Board of Directors to put this company on the right track.

Will such a move help more than hurt?

Any move along these lines would serve all interested parties far better than the silence and ineptitude we’ve seen to date.

Once again, to those reading, consider this an open forum and feel free to offer a comment.

PK sends…